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Nuclear Tard

If you want to see how democracy lobotomizes us with the notion of egalitarianism and this turns us into narcissistic morons, look no further than this exciting tard tale about what could have been a grim accident. Remember, everyone is equal, and so instead of recognizing that someone is weaker, sicker, dumber, uglier, or less capable, you have to include everyone as equals!This one comes to us from /r/TardTales:> Be Me> Go to a university with its own operational nuclear reactor.> In town has a large population of morbidly retarded tards AND a nuclear reactor. What's the worst that could happen?>They are giving us a tour of the nuclear reactor building>Jeremy, a prominent tard, just happens to be on the tour with me as well.>During the rare occasions where they let normal personnel into this place, they crank up the reactor to "max power" because it starts glowing blue and looks cool when they do that.>Before they let us in to the room with the nuc…

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