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List of Open Discussion Style Social Media (Now Banned On Reddit)

You can't mention these on Reddit anymore because the site hard bans them, which means that mods are forced to categorize them as "spam" in order to have an empty modqueue.I support Open Discussion. That is, you can talk about anything you want as long as it is on-topic and said in a matter befitting a congenial, informed discussion. This approach avoids viewpoint discrimination but keeps away off-topic, spam, slurs, obscenities, and harassment.Viewpoint discrimination is a form of content discrimination particularly disfavored by the courts. When the government engages in content discrimination, it is restricting speech on a given subject matter. When it engages in viewpoint discrimination, it is singling out a particular opinion or perspective on that subject matter for treatment unlike that given to other viewpoints.This does away with the arbitrary dichotomy of "hate speech" and replaces it with the notion that you can express any idea, as long as you do so…

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