Osiris Akkebala Shreds On Abortion

Nationalist Osiris Akkebala writes on abortion:

Only In Extreme Rare Physical And Mental Impairment Where Living Will Be More Of a Misery Than A Joy To Live, Is Abortion To Be Considered For The Fetus Sake To Be Given Respect.

Now I know what I am about to share with you about a topic that is super sensitive to every believing living Being and should be to all believing Beings, regardless of Gender, because in the eyes of all intelligent living Beings with a high degree of conscious, Life is of the Divine Essence, God of us all, and no gender has a monopoly on decision making of who shall live and who shall die, it is the ultimate display of having a God complex without justification to override the Right to Life producing right to Live and not you, but it is the Divine Essence to life that has the exclusive Universal Right to have life living Beings to be in the physical and regardless through what channel it comes into being, nobody has the Right to decide who shall live and who shall die in that Divine process, which you played no part in the forming of that life Being, just in performing the act that caused the process to take place in producing life living Beings.

Now, before I go any further, I must say, I have been a party to the action of a baby being aborted without intense objection and sometimes with approval and now that my mind is of the highest status in the use of the Divine Essence Intelligence, I must admit I was wrong in not being more forceful in expressing my opposition to such action, as I said, sometimes in agreement with that action and I was wrong.

Now, allow me to address the fallacy of the woman having the right to choose to give birth or to abort birth of a child infant, this body that life gives us the ability to perform in living motion, does not belong to us living Beings and the fact that we have not the power over life and death that is of the body experience, verify that the decision of the internal action of the body performance give to us only the decision authority over the body life decision to live or die, just your body life and nobody else life that is internally related to your body performance, internally..

It is a false predicate to establish to imply that you are the sole arbiter over your body performance, external and internal, such a false imperative, all life is independent to the other, although we are bind to each other by no action of our own, which goes to show you that only the Giver of Life has the authority to decide by the nature of will to terminate life from a body internal performance.

Life within a body that is designed to conceive and carry life body for a certain length of Time, give not the right to that body living performance to act as God, Judge, Jury, and executioner over that life forming body that is taking place inside of a body, that action is totally of the Divine Essence producing formation, in a body so designed by Nature to be capable of performing at such a place which the body mind and performance played no part in the miracle of conception, just as the host for such an occasion to take place, the body comes with all of the tools necessary for the occasion of child conception to take place, the act for which the occasion is done in that of two opposing body gender that is designed for such an occasion to take place, but the body equipped with the tools for such an occasion to take place belongs not to the life being lived by that body for the two to belong in the action of nature that designed that body in the gender it perform.

The woman has no said authority over her body procreative power, just over the activities that cause the action of procreation to take place!!!

In a society of my culture choosing, Abortion would have no standing in an environment that respects the Sacredness Of Life And The opportunity to live in compliance to the Law Of The universe, A laissez-faire freedom to Live and let live, enjoying the right to do so.

Out of respect for Nature performance, Roe V Wade should be overturned.

I cannot disagree here, although I think conservatives have abandoned abortion for two reasons: (1) it places the extreme religious Right in a position of memetic power, and they tend to ignore other real issues in favor of religious ones, as happened in the 1980s; (2) our world is overpopulated and our cities are spilling over with people who are growing up in broken homes without fathers, and they commit lots of crime, so we are happier to have them aborted than not.

At the root of the abortion issue, as always, is sexual promiscuity. Few will attack it because it is popular because humans like to play the lottery; to them, lots of sex means a greater chance that they will be having lots of sex, even if it rarely works out that way. Sex is "fun" in our culture and therefore beyond criticism. Promiscuity however is not sex, but the abuse of sex by detaching it from the most desired consequences, namely family.