We Can Never, Ever Talk About Race

How far has our society contorted itself to avoid talking about race? Even social media must employ people to hide the desire to discuss this topic. From The Atlantic, a Left-leaning publication, a discussion of social media service NextDoor and its problems being honest about race:

About 10 percent of Nextdoor conversations relate to crime and safety, Wymer said. (Suspicious persons come up a lot, often amounting to sightings of people of color in predominantly white areas. Nextdoor has attempted to discourage posts that use appearance as a proxy for criminality by prompting users to add more detail and blocking some posts that mention race.)

In the past, City-Data has experienced pushback from Silicon Valley types for daring to mention the ethnic distribution of cities, towns, and neighborhoods, and even more for allowing discussion of it in its forums. Your realtor is legally prohibited from revealing this information, and no one else will publish it. Do we live in a totalitarian state, justified by diversity, or not?