Friday, August 06, 2010

Glorious Times: A Pictorial History of the Death Metal Scene 1984-1991

"Glorious Times: A Pictorial of the Death Metal Scene (1984-1991)" is a retrospective of the early death metal scene, written by the bands themselves, and edited by Alan Moses (Buttface Zine) and Brian Pattison (Chainsaw Abortions Zine). If you want to see what the early bands were thinking, doing and how they helped invent death metal, this original book gives you a window into the past and future of death metal.

Glorious Times: A Pictorial of the Death Metal Scene (1984-1991), interview with Alan Moses and Brian Pattison, and review of the book

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August 4 is National Lowered Standards Day

For years, we have struggled to maintain higher standards, but it just hasn't worked. It's inconvenient. To recognize this, we propose a Federal holiday to celebrate a lowest common denominator state of mind. This is the National Lowered Standards Day, and we celebrate it every August 4.

National Lowered Standards Day (August 4)