Saturday, February 02, 2013

Why the far right will never get anywhere

It's a circular firing squad:

From Reddit.

They're too busy upholding an image, and being individually "important," to unite and achieve anything.

If I were a hostile government agency, I'd want to make sure that any pro-white person felt that they had only two options:

  1. Be a jew-hating, negro-hating, violent, alienated, impoverished, prison-bound Nazi;
  2. Or, not.

The point is that all of those things in the first category are inextricably linked. In the anti-rightist view, you can't be a rightist without being a social dropout.

It's a very successful strategy, for those who oppose the right. As long a the right behaves this way, it will both drive away any popular support and consume itself from within.

It's not surprising the right has achieved nothing in the last 70 years.

The tragedy is that it's avoidable. As long as the doctrinaire extreme of the movement keep inducing good people like Occidentalist into being destructive, the real villains don't need to get their hands dirty and get to watch the right fail without a single touch.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Death Metal Underground rides again

The net's oldest and longest-running heavy metal site returns. Originating in the hazy BBS days of the late 1980s, this archive has gone through many changes but now is in a modern and grimly efficient form. Point your browser over to the death metal underground here:

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