Monday, February 07, 2011

Hacker group targets French heavy metal band

Heavy metal band Gojira have come under assault from the radical hackers, death metal fanatics and nihilist trolls at A.N.U.S. (that's the "American Nihilist Underground Society" to the rest of us).

According to a statement on the group's web site:

We encourage our users to vandalize, degrade, sabotage, guillotine, desecrate, corrupt, hack, immolate and sodomize any Crowdist information, which we can define as:

  • A partial truth. It takes some aspects of a situation and makes them "represent" the same situation, like symbols or social gestures, and so obscures the breadth of the situation.

  • It is populist in the oldest sense of meaning pandering, demagoguery, and "little white lies" that we tell in social circumstances when we're not outright bribing people by saying nice things to them. It's like talking a girl into bed.

  • It passively assumes a superior position. These thoughts need some reason why you would adopt them instead of common sense, so they pretend to be intellectually, morally, socially or empathically superior.

Gojira exemplifies Crowdist behavior. Your songs are written like indie-rock converted to powerchords and played with periodic violence, but you do not understand the metal spirit, its way of writing riffs, its song structure or imagery. Although you may be nice guys, you are (sadly) imitators and corruptors of the metal tradition. - Dark Legions Archive News

This was in response to a message from the poor Gojira webmaster requesting simply:

please i kindly ask of you to stop vandalizing our Gojira guestbook, you are welcome to our site for information but please refrain from more hate comments that are signed as members from this website.

the Gojira staff

I went to YouTube to hear some Gojira, but quite honestly, it bored me to death. Like most bands now they like to repeat a few riffs over and over while adding "atmosphere" by doing random things with vocals, wheedly guitars, and drums.

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Northern Traditions (Gwendolyn Toynton): Traditionalist book examines perennial philosophy in Northern Europe

This press release has been making the rounds, and a glorious one it is too:

Primordial Traditions is pleased to announce that our second book, Northern Traditions (ed. Gwendolyn Toynton) is now available.

Northern Traditions is a collection of articles on the indigenous Pagan Traditions of Northern Europe. Authors include Matt Hajduk, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Amy Johanna Ahlberg, Troy Southgate, S.R. Hardy, Christopher A. Smith, Stephen Borthwick, Vijay Prozak and Gwendolyn Toynton.

Content ranges from in-depth mythological studies and translations of texts through to ritual reconstruction. The book is divided into two sections, with one half containing Traditional and historic content. The second half of the book is dedicated to contemporary practice and issues relating to the spiritual practice of Northern Traditions in the modern era.

Topics dealt with include a detailed exegesis of Völuspá, examinations of key figures in the Northern mythos such as Odin, Forseti, Tyr and Loki, herbal and botanical uses of plants, ritual reconstruction and ideas for contemporary practice.

Content level is semi-academic. By combining academic level material with practical work the aim of the book is to take contemporary pagan practices to a new level where they can be accepted as a serious spiritual movement.

Currently available from for £18.00

This will be available in the USA within the week. Really looking forward to this, as Primordial Traditions always does a great job.

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