Cottonwood BBS Rides Again

For those who carry on the ways of the past, rather than replacing them with new ways that deliver half the satisfaction, connecting to a 1980s style bulletin board system (BBS) provides a joy unlike any other. Cottonwood BBS carries on that tradition:

The hard drive that Cottonwood BBS runs on has now been converted from a SCSI drive to a MicroSD card, thanks to a SCSI2SD adapter. It's seems pretty incredible to me that gigabytes of data can now be stored on a tiny card that's smaller than a dime! I'd been having issues lately with power supplies failing with this hard drive, which I believe is directly related to the overall unreliability of the outdated SCSI hard drive mechanisms that I was using. Hopefully this will be the end of all my "hard drive woes"! :)

If you haven't called before, or if it's been a while, please give Cottonwood BBS a call via Telnet at, or via dial-up (aka the "old school way") at 1-951-652-1690. Running on a real Commodore 64 computer with Color 64 BBS software at 2400 baud.

Again, visit Cottonwood BBS to experience the glory days of 6502 computing and dial-up BBS Wild West style independence. There is much to discover, and nothing to lose.