Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things to do for 9/11

Things to do for 9/11:

* Take flying lessons, and learn to take off, but not land.
* Translate the Koran into Klingon.
* Calculate the amount of blood left on your sheets by 77 virgins.
* Draw up a new design for "Freedom Tower."
* Learn Arabic.
* Practice making IEDs in the garage.
* Monitor your own phone calls and emails for dangerous keywords.
* Scream "Allahu Ackbar!" at Republicans.
* Leave your ID in a Florida strip club.
* Tell people you'll only leave the house when the threat level is back to "Blue."
* Elect a wimpy pacifier of a President to guarantee future entertainment.

It's a great time for jihad. Since Michael Jackson kicked off, we've had no really important news other than the entitlement people fighting the wealth accumulation people. Maybe it's time for more fireworks? Start up those 747s, and let's have a blast!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The truth about Spinoza Ray Prozak

There's some debate as to who Spinoza Ray Prozak is in real life. Some claim he is another poster in the metal underground named Wilhelm; others claim he is a group of people making up random stuff to make fun of others. Still others suggest a single person is behind it all. This story satirizes the situation:

“I’m Prozak!”
A short story by Wilhelm (2009)

[Early Morning. Somewhere in a discreet New York subway station. A large aggregate boards the train. Train takes off. Silence inside. Dreary souls abound.]

[A man, face twisted with determination stands from his seat and confronts the aggregate. He shouts:]

Random person #1: I’m Prozak!

[Momentary silence. Then an obese woman, age undetermined, bounces off her seat and retorts:]

Random person #2: No…… I’M PROZAK!

[Young punk with green runners and bullring throws down his iPod and screams:]

Random person #3: Hey, fuck you bitch, I'M PROZAK and I have PROOF!

[The aggregate begins to seethe and suddenly the train erupts into disorder:]

Random person#4: I’m PROZAK!

Random person #5: No, I am!!!!

Random person #6: [knocks over elderly women on way to front of the aggregate] PROZAK?!?!?!!? Hey, THAT’S ME!!

Random person #7: [throws scalding hot coffee onto Random person # 6 who falls over into a screaming heap] Oh no you’re not! I’M PROZAK!!!!!!!!

[More chaos, fights erupt, scalding hot coffee flies this way and that.]

Persona al azar número 8: ¡Diablos! ¡Soy Prozak!!!!!!!!

[Train disappears into the darkness. Quite in the shaft. A rat scurries about; water drips from a rusted pipe in the distance.]


[….Meanwhile, many miles above earth in a NASA space shuttle]

Buzz #1: [floating out of cockpit] Hey Buzz #2, I just received a strange transmission from Earth.

Buzz #2: [back turned; smearing peanut butter on a piece of toast] Yes Buzz #1, what was the transmission?

Buzz #1: [Pauses] Well sir, uh, it was coming from New York….all I heard was something like “I am Prozak.”

Buzz #2: [Tenses; releases toast, bread drifts away]

Buzz #1: Sir, are you OK?

Buzz #2: IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!

Buzz #1: I don’t understand, sir. What is impossible?

Buzz #2: IMPOSSIBLE! [turns around, brushes curly auburn hair from face] IMPOSSIBLE…….I AM PROZAK!!!!!!!!!

Buzz #1: [Mouth agape.]



If you read the writings on that site, it's clear that it's more than one person, which explains why there's so much of it.

Jailing stupid people

A Bozeman police officer who wrote on his Facebook page that he thinks there should be a law allowing police to take people to jail for being "stupid" apologized Wednesday.

Cody Anderson said at a news conference that his postings "do not reflect an attitude or atmosphere within the Bozeman police department."


I think we should consider this perspective.

People doing stupid things cause problems for all of us.

In turn, their stupidity requires more law enforcement, more government, more paranoid watchfulness.

You want to know the real face of Big Brother? It's the incompetence, laziness and criminality of our fellow citizens.

Bill White returns to Roanoke to face charges

Six weeks after he was cleared of using his Web site to encourage violence against a Chicago juror, neo-Nazi leader William A. White has made his way back home to Roanoke.

White remains in custody, however, pending a bond hearing on similar charges scheduled for Sept. 10.

In October, White was charged with posting online the name, address and telephone number of the foreman of a Chicago jury that convicted a fellow white supremacist.

...[B]ecause White also faced charges in Roanoke of threatening about a half-dozen people by e-mail, telephone or online, he remained in custody.

Roanoke Times

White's attorneys:

David J. Damico
Ray Ferris

He may soon be liberated on bond:

White remains in custody, but a bond hearing is scheduled next week.


The opinion of this writer is that, while posting the names and addresses of jurors seems vile, it's not dissimilar to what is done by government, media and fellow citizens of extremists on the far left or far right, who would if they were moderates be called "activists." As our society declines, it's important we consider every perspective.

People don't understand "ad hominem"

Most people who "argue" on the internet are actually making conversation. It's not structured like a debate, or logical like an argument, but it's a tussle between two personalities -- which as we know often don't resemble those found in real life.

One of the most misused phrases is "ad hominem," which is usually confused with a type of non-sequitur known as an insult.

Person A: Your point is illogical, and the rest of your message is the ramblings of a confused maniac.
Person B: That's an ad hom!

An ad hominem fallacy, as opposed to the generic term "ad hom" referring to an insult, is an argument which claims "you can't know this because of who you are."

First, an attack against the character of person making the claim, her circumstances, or her actions is made (or the character, circumstances, or actions of the person reporting the claim). Second, this attack is taken to be evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making (or presenting).


Read that again: Second, this attack is taken to be evidence. Without this step, an "ad hom" is just an insult. Making a logical argument and ending it with and also, you're a moron! is not an ad hom; saying "your argument is invalid because you are a moron" is an ad hom.

Hope that helps all you bloviators out there in internetland.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Liberalism is secular Christianity

Seriously, other than the existence of god, what differences in belief do they have?

* We're all equal under the skin
* The meek shall inherit the earth
* We are judged by moral rectitude not competence
* We can make our society more godlike/progressive.

It's the same stuff, in different packaging. Liberals like to pretend they are the enlightened progressive ones who accept Darwinism over evolution, but then freak out when people like me point out that Darwinism means natural selection is still ongoing and that equality is non-existent. That's even more of a denial of science than even the evolutionists.

Jabba debt repayment reform now

Seen on Facebook:

No one should be frozen in carbonite, or slowly digested over a thousand years in the the bowels of a sarlaac, just because they couldn't pay Jabba what they owed him... If you agree, post this as your status the rest of the day.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

List of environmental issues that threaten life as we know it

From a mailing list I'm on -- a list of big, life-threatening environmental issues that humanity should (but will not, as long as politics is a popularity contest a/k/a democracy and consumerism) address:

* Pollution of land, air, sea and flora/fauna;

* Land overuse killing habitats;

* Genetic destruction through lowering populations below safe breeding threshold;

* Fish depletion;

* Agricultural runoff causing microbial/algic blooms;

* Fences and roads limiting range of animal roaming;

* Climate change and ice melting;

* Most of humanity being under 90 IQ points and thus prone to destroying without creating;

* GM plants spreading into wild;

* Heavy metals contamination;

* Plastic waste floating in ocean and choking national forests;

* Concrete surfaces creating runoff and drought.

NIHILISM archives

It's a good place for us to start thinking about what we'd change. Then all we have to do is figure out how to get the 2-5% of the population that is a ruling class in every society and under every system of government, to approve it.