Saturday, April 18, 2009

Advice from well-traveled eyes

If you find what you don't like in the world, you are only halfway to knowing what you like. When you know what you like, you must reach past what you don't like to pull what you do like into reality, and in the process, your elbows will knock aside what you dislike. Without a goal of creation and acquisition we lapse into negativity, excessive literalism, bitterness, impotence -- and most importantly: we do not accomplish our goals.

Reach toward what is desired; open the mind; never forget what you do desire because everything that is not-that is what you dislike, and if you try to focus on what you dislike, you will be cutting hydra heads and never reach victory.


Writers -- the real kind, which I'd like to be someday -- walk a hard path because they must find the eternal in the mundane, and bring it back to you so you can desire to find the eternal in yourself. They do that because only then will you understand the moral vigilance which life requires if you don't want your species to fall back down the evolutionary staircase. Writers, or at least the ones I've known, recognize more than anyone else that every significant experience is a hard-fought victory that left scars, and if we read them, we have knowledge.

The Internet People

I've noticed that all internet forums, left or right or center, have one thing in common: they're staffed by Internet People. Internet people are those who are present in forums because for them the internet is an activity, not a means to an end.

Internet people:
- Feel unrewarded in life.
- Use the internet as their primary entertainment.
- Tend to be know-nothings.
- Accuse others of their own weaknesses.
- Are unfamiliar with logical argument.
- Take everything personally.
- Are cheerleaders for what appears to be their side.
- Are oblivious to underlying values.
- Argue exclusively in fallacy, distraction, deflection and non-sequitur.
- Defend their territory and identity through their politics.

I think it helps to take a look around and separate normal people from internet people. Internet people will destroy any productive discussion.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The culture war explodes

In a response to the article about why the Tea Party protests don't make sense, and the right's desire for Libertarianism is just ducking the issue, someone made an insightful point:

That's exactly how the majority of my conservative friends (who are mainly successful engineers, lawyers, and programmers) feel. They feel like they're holding up -their- end of the stick, and a bunch of greedy losers are trying to penalize them for it.


I think he correctly identifies how most responsible people in this country feel. Some, defending the liberal values they have spent much of their lives promoting, are choking down their true feelings in order to stay ideologically-consistent, but even they seem to be waning.

The problem that no one will address is that the "greedy losers" are motivated by revenge because their irresponsibility arises from incompetence. I am guessing most of their incompetence is biological. If your ancestors were peasants, laborers or from countries that never developed complex social and legal systems, you lack the necessary circuits to adapt to our modern world.

The result of this biological lack is incompetence at dealing with our society, which results in these people ending up in debt, with low earnings, and no particular ability to call their own. They feel like failures, and their lives are disorganized disasters. As a result of that, they must find someone else to blame -- because that's the only way you can keep feeling good about themselves.

The culture wars of the last fifty years boil down to this. On one side you have the suburban middle classes, who view themselves as responsible and basically want to be left alone. On the other you have the impoverished or underachieving, who are either too incompetent or too neurotic to do well, and perceive themselves as being left behind by the middle classes.

(The super-rich strike me as mostly autistic: they see a financial system and master it, and don't think about much else. They assume that civilization works like laws or computer code, forgetting how easily those laws are discarded when angry mobs gather.)

Interesting, the responsible people -- the middle classes -- tend to have a morality which represents European Christianity with a few modifications. Don't kill, rape, steal, etc. Be family-oriented and keep public discourse family-oriented -- we don't want to have to explain rape or why Jimmy has two daddies to our kids; we want them to see successful, responsible, healthy, moral heterosexual role models. And so on.

Right now, the irresponsible and those who profit from them -- mostly in the media industry -- have gathered behind a religious hatred of George W. Bush and a religious adulation of Barack Obama, which are one and the same, and as a result they temporarily have power.

But the culture wars, which are stand-ins for class conflict, ethnic conflict and values conflict, remain.

10 steps to clarity

Someone on a forum somewhere started a thread for listing ten steps that would improve your nation. Highlights:

1. Deport all non-ethnic-majority people.
2. Deport all people under 120 IQ points.
3. Ban any preferences but strict meritocracy.
4. Subsidize women so they do not need careers.
5. Deport all retards, criminals, perverts, and Cradle of Filth.
6. Tax media at an absurd rate.
7. Reserve 2/3 of land, unbroken, for nature.
8. Cradle-to-grave recycling policy.
9. Withdraw from UN and NATO.
10. Replace welfare with job insurance.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trolls produce internet station, is surprisingly normal

This is surprisingly well adjusted in actuality. Play strange music, periodically be massively offensive (hints abound), but focus on making killer radio with no rules. Check it out if you have a few minutes -- there's a player on the page so you don't have to muck about with winamp or iTunes or windows media playa if you don't want to.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's all rock 'n roll to me

Let the nu-black metal which has taken over from greater minds, instead of being celebrated as of the same caliber as they were, burn so something can take its place -- no one can take the pretense anymore:

Once upon a time, black metal had a mystical component. Its bands tried to write songs about an idea, and shied away from writing songs that were variations on a known form.

This is a split as big as the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning for rock music, which got popular because it's easy for anyone to make a variant on a template. That way, everyone could participate.

People now like to act as if black metal is still a mystical genre. They take themselves seriously, use ancient and blasphemous language, and claim grand importance for CDs that sell to 50 people who can't tell them apart from any of their other CDs.

There is no unity in the genre, just a lot of people using it for their own ends, namely to have something to do and some reason to claim they're important. "But I am Gezagorath of Impietorturous Blasphemic Anal Mayehm!"

I think it's time to just declare it rock 'n roll. It's no longer far from rock music in structure or theory; it's variations on the pop song format with pentatonic solos, minor/major shifting, and three-chord riffs about the same handful of tired symbols. Not even grandmothers are frightened by Satan and corpsepaint anymore.

It's also changed in outlook. It used to be the genre of the frontier, of singing about that which was both lawless and a terrifying confrontation with mortality, but also permitted exploration outside the narrow-minded humanist herd mentality. Now people say blatantly humanistic things to keep their music safe, and wonder why we're all bored.

Yep, it's just all rock 'n roll to me now. I don't see the point pretending the post-1994 black metal is anything more than another variation on hardcore punk, a genre which also lost its mystique and got really normal only a few years after blossoming.

Everyone can participate, and so there is nothing mysterious or unusual about black metal now. We need to start treating it like any other rock or punk music, and stop posturing and pretending we're true to some ideal that ended long ago. Burn all the idols, not just the convenient ones.


These people, just like the punk hardcore people, are narcissists. They take themselves so seriously, yet they make music which is basically the same as everything else. They want to be different, but they're afraid to leave behind the comforting lies everyone tells each other, and so hobbled, they cannot do anything but churn out more of the same. It's time to tear down any illusions of their special status or importance, or artistic relevance at all.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

National Day of Slayer

Some time ago, some people of the Christian faith (and a handful of others) joined together to make a National Day of Prayer.

Since pranksters can't let that slide, they invented the National Day of Slayer instead.

I suggest visiting to check it out. As far as I can tell, it's over-the-top love of Slayer and heavy metal music -- there are no anti-Christian statements on the site.

More unpopular truths

Back to the origin of this blog: the truth is never popular, because it's not simple and pleasant.

Alcohol probably does not cause crime; however, alcohol is an idiot magnet. If I could, I'd live in a dry county. It drives away the people who need to have intoxicants to survive. (I'm "high on life," yes, please call me a fag in email so as not to waste valuable discussion space.)

Think about the magnets for idiots that exists near your neighborhood. The same people who cannot plan ahead more than 24 hours in their lives are the people who, when presented with an opportunity where crime is profitable, impulsively do it. Wal-marts, liquor stores, pawn shops, convenience stores, tattoo parlors, etc. draw these people like moths to light, and that's why many communities have chosen to ban these businesses.

In chaos theory, instant gratification businesses are a "chaotic attractor" that draw in chaotic people ;)


There's a lot of things that might be convenient which we eschew because they lure in those whose only connection is convenience, and those people then commit crime and become parasites.