Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paul Fromm running for mayor of Mississauga

From email list:

Campaign for Mayor: The Final Push -- 9,000 Phone Calls & Literature Drops Across Mississauga

PORT CREDIT. October 23, 2010. Paul Fromm’s campaign for Mayor of Mississauga entered its final stages today in an all-out blitz that saw an eager election crew of volunteers fan out across the city of 720,000 people and hit liquor stores, apartments and parking lots with extensive literature distribution and meet and greet encounters. Also, this afternoon over 9,000 households in key areas received a personal recorded phone call from Paul Fromm, stressing his demand for a five year moratorium on all immigration to relieve the population influx pressures on Mississauga and to show mercy to the 8.4% of Canadians who are unemployed.

“I’m getting a very friendly response in canvassing,” Mr. Fromm reports. “There seems to be a growing consensus that Hazel McCallion has outstayed her welcome. Some say she’s too old and others are upset at the lingering cloud of scandal. While she still has her supporters, I keep hearing that it’s time for change.”

Fromm refers to an old Italian gentleman he met outside a market Friday. “He said: ‘I already have your literature. I am voting for you. Too much immigration. Traffic is impossible. Accidents everywhere.”

“These comments were echoed by a thoughtful lady with an English accent. ‘We’re becoming a minority here,’ she whispered outside a liquor store. ‘Nobody stands for our rights,’ she added. I do, I told her as I secured another vote.”

Fromm received a flurry of responses to his phone blitz. Typical was a man who called and enthused: “Yes, I’ll be voting for you. More power to you.”

Of course, not all was sweetness and light. After receiving a flyer at his door, which, incidentally urges an immigration moratorium but nowhere mentions race, one potty mouthed caller who identified himself as a White Canadian (but anonymous, of course) kept repeating the word “pig,” as if he had just learned it. He shrilled: “Racist pig, scum. I wish you all the worst luck I hope you die in a horrible accident. I wasn’t going to vote, but I’ll be voting for Hazel.” The old lady certainly deserves a better class of supporter.

Campaigners get an insight into the deep democracy malaise of many Canadians, Apartment superintendants sometimes refuse to obey the law that allows candidates or their agents to flyer and meet voters at reasonable hours, some complaining pathetically that some residents leave leaflets in the halls and they, the supers, have to pick them up. So laziness or minor inconvenience trump the right of candidates to contact would-be voters.

Several LCBO managers tried to chase canvassers away from the outside of their buildings where they were giving campaign literature to customers.