Friday, October 23, 2009

Why Jews fear the right

In Europe in the early twentieth century nationalism did carry conspicuous anti-Semitic strains but except for the Russian far Right those strains don’t seem to be integral to most European nationalisms today. But as Jews overreact to these forms of reawakened nationalism, and even line up on the side of Islamicist immigrants against the native population, nationalist movements of the Right may move again for understandable reasons in an anti-Jewish direction.

Interview with Paul Gottfried

I'd been wondering about this, but it's sensible: nationalism excludes all except the native born, but as those lines have been eroded, it's now a more open camp. Jews who turn against it (a) risk repeating history and (b) act against their own interests, as Islam makes clear its position on Jews.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

When great and OK are equal

Are we just kidding ourselves?

It's pretty clear that nothing of recent provenance comes close to being as amazing as the first Bathory, Immortal, Deicide or Slayer albums.

Even more, since there are now thousands of bands and none really emerge as clear winners, talented musicians are staying away from this genre. You could make a masterpiece and not be noticed, because the fans can't tell the difference between the new crap and something as good as the old.

Sometimes, when new promotional material comes in, I think: "These guys are in on the joke. They know the new stuff is crap and a generation raised on crap can't tell good from bad, so they're making bad and calling it ironic, instead of insisting that good music could exist in this genre."

Apologies to all dozen of you talented bands out there; most of you are B-grade and not A-grade, but I commend you to keep trying.

Quality "art"

From our friends at DOMY BOOKS in Houston, Halloween "art":

It's not like they expect to pander to your political or social inclinations, thus making you feel better about who you are and by doing so, selling you a basically inferior product. No way, bro.

I am just blown away at the vision and technical depth of this piece. Just blown away. Honest.

Birth A.D. Live in Japan: "Cause Problems" (2:04)

Birth A.D. is thrash, now called crossover thrash, that sounds approximately like DRI mixed with SOD. Song is "Cause Problems" from Birth of a Nation (2009).

CLAN PESTILENS zine posts 1990 issue free online

CLAN PESTILENS was a short-lived 1990s zine that put out one issue before perishing. With BOLT THROWER and DEAD HORSE interviews, as well as a short but accurate review of PRONG's "Beg to Differ."

Labels selling off old-school metal

Yep, it's official: the old school trend is over, and labels are kicking them out the door for $5 and up a CD.

Now through October 31st, the Relapse Records Mailorder is offering 50% off on all Relapse titles (excluding 2009 releases). So pick up Relapse classics or undiscovered gems at only $6 a CD for a limited time! Check out the sale here

Amorphis - The Karelian Isthmus, Tales From the Thousand Lakes
Atheist - Unquestionable Presence, Piece of Time
Deceased - 13 Frightened Souls, Supernatural Addiction
Godflesh - Messiah
Incantation - Diabolical Conquest, Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish, Onward to Golgotha
Nile - Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka, Legacy of the Catacombs
Pentagram - First Daze Here Too,The vintage collection
Repulsion - Horrified
Relapse singles series -- out of print 7 inches from Incantation, Goreaphobia, Amorphis, Mythic, etc: 1, 3, 4
Suffocation - Human Waste

EVILMUSIC is offering a 60% off "Resurrect the Underground" sale on classic underground black metal and death metal releases.

At the Gates - With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness $8
Averse Sefira - Battle's Clarion $10
Blood - O Agios Pethane $10
Belial - Gods of the Pit Part II $10
Cenotaph - Riding Our Black Oceans $9
Cianide - Divide and Conquer $6
Deceased - 13 Frightened Souls $6
Emperor - Wrath of the Tyrant $10
Graveland - In the Glare of Burning Churches $14
Judas Iscariot - To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding $10
Kataklysm - Sorcery/The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation $13
Mortem - Decomposed by Possession $8
Skepticism - aes $6
Skepticism - Lead and Aether $8
Womb/Disciples of Mockery - Split $10

Century Media has put most of its old-school titles that are still in print on permanent sale at $6:

Asphyx - Last One on Earth $6
Asphyx - The Rack $6
Oppressor - Agony $3

I've ordered from all three and trust them. Sad to see the old school stuff go, because the nu-skool really sucks, but this means that something's gonna replace the nu-skool with something that could be better.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Race and Sports

Pini Gherson (famous Israeli basketball coach) makes comments on the intelligence of black basketball players in relation to their different colours.

FREE BEER at Birth A.D. video shoot in Austin, TX

1) BIRTH A.D. is shooting a video, and we need your help to pack the club Headhunters and make it as insane as possible.

2) The shoot is Monday, November 9th, from 7-9pm. BIRTH A.D. will play a short set immediately after, so stick around - we need you for that

3) FREE BEER - when you show up, say you're there for the video. You'll get a wristband for free beer while it lasts, and well drink specials all evening! **you must be 21 to attend**

4) Bring EVERYONE - we don't care if we know you, and we don't care if you don't know the band. This isn't a private party! Come drink our free beer and be in a video! Tell your friends to do the same!

5) Headhunters is located at 720 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701, (512) 236-0188.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is Europe really so cultured?

They're so cultured, so well-learned, etc. but their pop music is as dumb as ours and more streamlined toward being utterly basic and awful. True, it's more innocent, but it's also enough to drive you mad. Maybe the problem is popular culture itself, or the idea that getting 4 million people to like anything requires it be dumbed down, or for 500,000 to enjoy Beethoven and the others to try to follow along.

Low IQ and how to descend to that state.

Hat tip to Amren:

For one thing, the results are skewed by a relatively small number of countries with high rates of spanking and especially low average IQs, particularly Tanzania and South Africa -- where about a third of university students reported being spanked a lot before age 12, and where average IQ rates stood at 72. Excluding these countries, "the line would be much closer to flat, indicating little or no relationship," says Dr. Mundfrom.

Attributing cognitive problems in children to spanking is hard enough. But then saying it is a major reason behind the lower IQ of a nation's entire population is even trickier because there could be a new raft of potential causes.

Martin Wells, a statistician at Cornell University, re-ran the statistical test to check whether regional variations in IQ -- which is lower in Latin America and Africa -- could account for the IQ differences Prof. Straus found. After accounting for regional variations, Dr. Wells found the effect of spanking vanished.


Rare truths emerge.

And if you want to know how to get to that state, how about a "me first" society that extends equality to so many people that soon it becomes a feeding trough for parasites managed by the lazy and oblivious? A good explanation here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is socialist a racial epithet?

A little dumbness of the day from the Christian Science Monitor:

Yet, as seen at various town hall meetings and the Tea Party rally in Washington Sept. 12, a deeper sign of racial tension has emerged with the reappearance of a different inflammatory expression: socialism.

In the context of American politics, socialism has seldom been about the economy or state power alone, despite its political-economic roots. Instead, it has been a slur, synonymous with the charge of communism, but with meaning extending beyond this term as well.

Black leaders in particular have faced this accusation. In 1964, amid the momentous occasion of congressional approval for the Civil Rights Act, Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina declared its passage the result of "Negro agitators, spurred on by Communist enticements to promote racial strife."

Martin Luther King Jr. was not an exception to this allegation, but a direct target. Indeed, he faced immediate pressure to distance himself from close aide, intellectual mentor, and key organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, Bayard Rustin, who once had ties with the Communist Party.

Take another black leader, another society fraught by racial division. In 1956, Nelson Mandela and 155 other antiapartheid activists were arrested by the South African government under the infamous Suppression of Communism Act of 1950, a law that was used gratuitously to incarcerate anyone who was critical of the government.

The treason trial that followed resulted in a 1961 acquittal for all those involved, the government unable to prove any "socialist" intentions. But the political equation of black activists as "communists" would continue up through the 1980s.

The Reagan administration egregiously soft-pedaled the issue of apartheid on the basis of the South African government's purported anticommunist stance. Indeed, the South African government itself viewed its policies not as racist, but as anticommunist. Only popular pressure through a global antiapartheid movement persuaded the US to isolate South Africa.


Attention media idiots: please connect some dots.

Revolutionary movements are always the downtrodden rising up, aren't they?

They are almost never right-wing and almost always left-wing, and we know that left-wing is a continuum from people who believe in socialized medicine to socialists to full-on communists, based on a single principle which is the equality of all human beings, right?

I mean, we did all read our history, and we know that the difference between right and left is that the left believes in the equality of all people, where the right is Darwinistic in many more ways, and as a result believes in aristocracy, caste systems, economic competition, meritocracy and other forms of hierarchy?

We also all know that you can't have both, meaning that if you declare all people equal and then start setting up a hierarchy, you've already violated equality? You can blow around some empty topics like 1980s American politicians and claim equality of opportunity is your goal but we all know that's horse puckey because with hierarchy comes differing degrees of wealth, and in every society -- even Communist! -- money has existed and the wealthy have had more options for themselves. With that, the notion of equality burns.

So... why is it weird that most pro-black movements are socialist? Socialist means "we want equality, namely the division of wealth equally to all of us." Other than a few neurotic Hollywood types, no wealthier person is going to want that -- most of those considered "wealthy," mathematically, will be the 20% or so in the upper half of the middle classes and above. For every one billionaire you redistribute, you'll level two million families making $140,000 a year and pinching pennies.

So while Sean Penn may want socialism, and Madonna, and Michael Moore, and so forth and so on, they aren't the people with that much at stake. The family that owns your local movie theatre, drug store, parts shop, law firm, restaurant or dentists' office is more likely by a factor of millions to be the one to experience hope and change on this issue.

This is the eternal struggle for humanity. We're not equal. Some are going to excel where others do not. Even more, some will be minimally competent and rise above, because the default state of humanity is disorganized, selfish, narcissistic, solipsistic, materialistic monkeyshines. The problem is quality of individuals -- you can't legislate away these tendencies.

If we force equality, we create what a friend of mine calls the "crab bucket": a wet cold slimy hole full of creatures trying to rise above, but being pulled down by others so that they maintain equality. True, it's an equality of very low standards and shared misery, but at least we're all equal.

Everywhere you go, humanity is incompetent. Basic skills are lacking; organization is missing. Chaos reigns. Confusion rules. Some get their act together and rise above this herd of mediocrity. Then the herd wants retaliation. That's the essence of socialism.

Because of this, all groups who are either oppressed or would conveniently like to see themselves oppressed are socialistic -- even if they claim they are not! For example, the idiots at don't like to be called socialists, but what they want is equality... for all white people, once the others, errr, disappear or something. They're basically mirrors of the pro-black socialist movements.

Is socialism a terrible thing? It sounds good to us as individuals: society can support us while we do things that, while not profit centers, may be valuable. The problem is the counterweight of all the others, which is that if we extend such privileges to ourselves, by the nature of equality, many others will want them too -- and they will drown us in their parasitic weight, taking us closer to mediocrity not farther from it.