Saturday, September 29, 2012

Virginity as a sacred thing

Years later, when my mum and I could eventually talk about it, that was the thing that saddened her most. That he had robbed me of my virginity. Old-fashioned maybe, but now I know just what she meant. He had taken away that moment that is best shared by two people on the same journey of discovery. - The Telegraph

Slavery has never been a racial issue, but a caste issue

The left wants us to think that slavery existed because people were racist. This is obviously insane. Slavery has existed since the dawn of man because (a) captives are taken in war and we need a humane way for them to be used as labor and (b) some people are so bad at managing their own affairs that they need to be enslaved or they will be destructive to society. Some of the earliest slaveowners in the USA were black. Black people own black people today, just like white people owned white people for millennia before that. Slavery's real problem was that it took black people out of their culture and put them in a foreign land, where there was less sympathy for their abilities and cultural inclinations. Instead, we should enslave the entire cast of "Honey Boo Boo" so that they don't wreck our society any further.