Monday, May 23, 2016

Moron Kills Inept Moron By Ineptitude

Beneath the media hype, a disturbing portrait of the West:

Mohammed Zaman, 53, used cheaper ground peanuts at his restaurants, rather than almond powder, resulting in the manslaughter of nut allergy sufferer Paul Wilson, 38, in North Yorkshire.

Mr Wilson never recovered after eating a takeaway curry from the Indian Garden in Easingwold, despite telling staff he could not eat nuts – and a judge has now blasted Zaman as ‘reckless’.

O, the humanity:

Earlier Mr Wilson’s heartbroken parents Keith and Margaret Wilson said today that a mere mouthful of the contaminated chicken tikka masala was enough to kill their son.

Not to be entirely cynical, but look at the situation objectively. If contact with peanuts can kill you, the risk of getting it wrong even once is impossible; this applies doubly if, as in the case of this young man, you apparently slip into a coma before rescue services can get there. Thinking clearly, it would be apparent that this cost is too high to ever risk, and so the person with this allergy would prepare his own food exclusively. Another way to phrase this: would you ever trust minimum-wage restaurant workers with your life?

In our modern stupor, we assume he is "good" because he was "careful," but this is just boilerplate. Asking apathetic people who lack the capacity to understand fatal allergies of this nature is just foolishness. Like others in our society, Mr. Wilson believed that rules and communications were somehow more important than reality itself. He turned out to be wrong, and pay for this foolishness with his life.

As far as the restaurant owner, nearly nothing needs be said other than this:

During a trial that led to his conviction it emerged that Zaman ran up £294,000 debts in his restaurants so was substituting ingredients for cheaper alternatives.

Yet he was still paying for his son to go to the prestigious private St Peter's School in York from his business account.

In our not-so-brilliant modern time, those who succeed are the illogical and selfish. Good work, democracy. This man clearly does not deserve wealth as he cannot handle it.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Reddit Censors Free Speech Group /r/European

SJW stronghold Reddit has decided to "quarantine" /r/European, its sub formed in reaction to /r/Europe's censorship of stories that go against The Narrative. Quarantine means that users must opt-in and people who are not logged in cannot see the content. It also keeps content from the sub in showing up in other modes of viewing the site.

While Reddit is clearly a bad actor that censors non-Leftist (and other) content, /r/European had a problem: getting outside of the /r/Europe mental ghetto invited in all the Stormfront types, who promptly had a field day writing what they usually do, in addition to posting memes. Because of its "free speech" roots, /r/European refused to censor them, which essentially killed much discussion because the angry hive of a different sort would quickly arrive. Most of these Stormfronters, ironically, appeared to be simply Leftists who dislike Jews and immigration. In other words: typical Reddit content, with a twist of angry racial resentment.

The moderators of /r/European have taken their activity to Voat, where they have freedom but a much smaller audience. The retreat from social media is not a victory; it allows Reddit to continue to present its "safe space" as a free discussion forum. However, it also makes clear that free speech is not actually wanted on Reddit, so perhaps this pyrrhic self-immolation will bring good yet.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

How To Find Telnet BBSes On The Internet

I was chatting with some members of the 80sbbs mailing list, and they came up with some suggestions for how to find telnet-accessible BBS nodes on the modern internet.

These nodes are 1980s-style BBS systems or "boards" which have been connected through a modem emulator to the telnet protocol, so that you can connect from a modern system hooked up through broadband (or dial-up, for those hanging on).

In addition to being fun, these dial-up telnet BBSen are also relatively secure, simple, anonymous and off-radar. The latter makes them an ideal place to use private email to communicate among a group, and for public discussion, since the Facebooks and Reddits of the world have trashed that.

To get onto these boards, all you need is a computer with the telnet protocol installed.

Here are three listings of telnet BBSes that you can connect to:

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Problem Of "Scientific" Categorical Thinking: Using The Wrong Sample Form Factor

I often criticize Science, Inc. for proclaiming itself infallible when it is limited to details and never can support the broad conclusions it hints at so the media will pick up on that and repeat them as gospel. But you rarely get as clear a demonstration of the failure of categorical thinking as this expose on venom measurements:

While the LD50 test (lethal dose 50% – the amount required to kill half of a test group) using mice is the primary means by which to assess venom toxicity, it is flawed.

"The mouse model enables standard data to be acquired," says Robert Harrison, head of the Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK. "But mammals are not always the diet of preference, so toxicity in mammals is simply a standardised metric that probably has no bearing on toxicity to an amphibian, arthropod or bird."

Humans suffer a fundamental strain when analyzing our world: we see an order to it but are afraid to admit that our logic is derived from this order. This forces us to deconstruct and see details, but never come up with a unifying vision of reality:

For instance, the more we learn about the universe, the more it appears to be based on mathematical laws. Perhaps that is not a given, but a function of the nature of the universe we are living in. “If I were a character in a computer game, I would also discover eventually that the rules seemed completely rigid and mathematical,” said Max Tegmark, a cosmologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). “That just reflects the computer code in which it was written.”

Does the code reflect the universe, or the universe reflect the code?

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Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Dark Side Of Birth Control: Men Expect Sex On Demand

From The New Yorker, a hidden nugget buried within an otherwise bizarre article:

He had come to believe that the arrival of the birth-control pill, in the early sixties, which he’d originally celebrated, encouraged many men to expect sex on demand: “Women had won the legal right to choose but had lost the right to choose the right moment.” He felt that the war between the sexes had escalated and that sexual relations were getting worse, not better. (Lesbians, whom Foos admired, were an exception.)

As his misanthropy deepened, the language he used about his motel clients sounded more and more like unintentional descriptions of his own conscience. He wrote that he felt “overwhelmed by the fantasy, the play-acting, and the game-playing of the real world.” He continued, “People are basically dishonest and unclean; they cheat and lie and are motivated by self-interest.”

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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Aristocrats Were Natural Conservationists Until Liberalization Prevented It

A shocking admission from Pravda-on-The-Potomac in a seemingly unrelated article:
Aurochs once ranged across Europe and much of Asia. A combination of hunting and conversion of wild pastures to farmland reduced Europe’s wild aurochs to a small remnant population in a Polish forest, where it was protected by royal order until the last one died in 1628. For more than a century, the Polish royal family tried to save the aurochs, giving villagers tax breaks for cutting hay and feeding them in the winter. But political instability, domestic cattle diseases and other threats finally rendered Europe’s early attempt at wildlife conservation a failure.
This is the same group of people that later gave us Josef Conrad, despite Communist attempts to murder them all including in Katyn Forest.

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Leftists Always Lie: Pathological Truth Avoidance Used to Advance The Narrative

Shucky darn, what do we have here?
Earlier today Breitbart London reported that a hit and run on a Muslim women in Molenbeek this weekend, blamed on ‘far right’ anti-Islam demonstrators, was in fact perpetrated by an allegedly drunk local youth named “Mohamed”.
The incident has been seized upon by “anti-Islamophobia” campaigners, many of whom have since failed to correct their original assertions, claiming that the attack was perpetrated by “far right” activists.
Who is surprised? The Left are pathological liars, and in the clever way of all such people, they always turn lies around to their advantage.

A criminal makes sure that his own mistakes are branded misfortunes and he is pitied, not condemned for his poor life choices. It is the nature of the dishonest mind to seek advantage in this way.

But what about when you have an entire subculture dedicated to lying under the pretense that they are advancing equality and thus making society closer to Utopia?

Progress is a lie. Leftism is a lie. They are all corrupt liars. Do not tolerate them, or they will rule you.

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Anti-Semitism Creates A Scapegoat So That We Do Not See The Problems In Western Civilization

One of the founders of an anti-PC forum wrote this when he stepped down:
They blame Jews for every small little detail. Constipated? Jews gave me a bad diet. Black person stole my wallet? Jew put him there. Like, 400 years ago during the slave trade, it's the Jew's fault.
Meanwhile -- and the real truth is -- the white man dindu nuffin. Nope. White man is fucking amazing. He totes really is, never made a mistake of any fashion. Totally blameless. It's 100% the Jews' fault they're in control of the media and banks, white man dindu nuffin so 2% of the population has such a large influence. Fuck the Jews! White man dindu nuffin and the Jews are all like oy vey you fuckers all in my hwalocaust 'n sheeet.
More honestly, this whole Jewish shit is laughable. Your great mighty western-european whites want to blame 2% of the population for the western world's miseries while you can't even keep your population ethnically homogenous, and then you fail to blame yourselves. Meanwhile my Slavic ass laughs at you for blaming the Jews when it was you who sold your own people out and you cannot correct that problem because you're not blaming yourself, instead you find a scape goat.
And I laugh because my people never made the mistake you guys did. And I'm just laughing and laughing because as much hate as I get, in the end my Slavic people will remain to be Slavs, while your children will look like something out of MTV. P.S. Fuck Russia, I don't like those Slavs.

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Resistance To Political Correctness Spreads In Wake Of Anti-Trump Backlash

From the usual places:
This extremist approach to shutting down Donald Trump is spreading and it is spreading just as fast as his protest/support is.
We are a small sub, so what kind of change can we make? It is in our own set forth path to change what we can with our will.
Today was a standing point in defying those who would rally to silence and censor us.
We say NO in the face of threats.
We say NO in the face of harrassment.
We say NO in the face of everything that jeapordizes everything that we hold important to ourselves, our ideologies and our freedoms.
Today, as a group, we stood united against threats, against demands and against bullying. It made no difference in reality since we are a small minority but God help me I will change this.
Defiance starts some where. It made no difference in the amount of people affected today, but it made a difference in those who " stand fast." In this instance, no one caved in nor came close to.
We are not subject to demands of protesters. We are not subject to threats of protesters, we are the people who stand behind the only person who can save this nation.
There is a term: " Stand Fast" It is used in multiple settings.
It is used to control your division, to hold your line.
It is used to reasure your division to stay on point and not falter.
It is used to rally your division to not falter and to not stray from the order.
We Stand Fast, fast in the face of opposition.
This is what it is to be a Die Hard Trump Supporter:
  • To be sick of the ways unworthy Americans shitting on its Patriots and its Veterans. THIS IS CANCER.
  • To stand up against PC, it is a cause worth everything.
  • To show your stance on how America will become and how it will stay.
There is a rallying cry. It starts at the bottom of our emotions are rips out through the tops of our lungs through our God Given voice:
"We Will not give into demands, we will not cave over and we will not be silenced."

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Monday, April 04, 2016

A Typical Reddit Experience

Reddit is well-known for being a home for neckbeards and other life dropouts who are looking for a reason to feel better about their social ineptitude and lack of relevance. As a result, it swings Left, which avoids both the elephant in the room -- collapse of Western civilization -- and gives them an excuse to be failures and yet consider themselves successes.

The admins of Reddit are just fine with the kind of threats that occur through the message above. They defend Leftists, but are happy when anyone else gets destroyed. Their eyes are full of dollar signs as they consider what a massive SJW basement-dweller audience would do for their ad revenue.

The problem with this audience is that they do not buy anything substantial. Sure, they will purchase tshirts and maybe a book every now and then. But basically, their lifestyle is social justice activism at night, Amazon orders and trawling RedTube for porn involving both feminist tropes and excessive use of condoms. The goody-two-shoes generation is as insular as it is isolated.
And yet, sometimes the reality that Leftist society obscures peeks through. It is all lies, this society as a whole and in every detail. The corruption has spread to every idea and corner. And yet, it cannot have the total control it desires, at least without going full Soviet. But with Reddit in charge, it will find that Stalinist destination easier to achieve.

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