List of environmental issues that threaten life as we know it

From a mailing list I'm on -- a list of big, life-threatening environmental issues that humanity should (but will not, as long as politics is a popularity contest a/k/a democracy and consumerism) address:

* Pollution of land, air, sea and flora/fauna;

* Land overuse killing habitats;

* Genetic destruction through lowering populations below safe breeding threshold;

* Fish depletion;

* Agricultural runoff causing microbial/algic blooms;

* Fences and roads limiting range of animal roaming;

* Climate change and ice melting;

* Most of humanity being under 90 IQ points and thus prone to destroying without creating;

* GM plants spreading into wild;

* Heavy metals contamination;

* Plastic waste floating in ocean and choking national forests;

* Concrete surfaces creating runoff and drought.

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It's a good place for us to start thinking about what we'd change. Then all we have to do is figure out how to get the 2-5% of the population that is a ruling class in every society and under every system of government, to approve it.


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