Liberalism is secular Christianity

Seriously, other than the existence of god, what differences in belief do they have?

* We're all equal under the skin
* The meek shall inherit the earth
* We are judged by moral rectitude not competence
* We can make our society more godlike/progressive.

It's the same stuff, in different packaging. Liberals like to pretend they are the enlightened progressive ones who accept Darwinism over evolution, but then freak out when people like me point out that Darwinism means natural selection is still ongoing and that equality is non-existent. That's even more of a denial of science than even the evolutionists.


  1. you're confusing physical equality with social equality. no one believes we're all physically equal.

    Thomas Jefferson ("all men are created equal") was a scientist - he was well aware that the guy down the street with only one arm couldn't lift the same things he could.

  2. Anonymous8:53 PM

    "Evolutionists" deny science?


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