Jailing stupid people

A Bozeman police officer who wrote on his Facebook page that he thinks there should be a law allowing police to take people to jail for being "stupid" apologized Wednesday.

Cody Anderson said at a news conference that his postings "do not reflect an attitude or atmosphere within the Bozeman police department."


I think we should consider this perspective.

People doing stupid things cause problems for all of us.

In turn, their stupidity requires more law enforcement, more government, more paranoid watchfulness.

You want to know the real face of Big Brother? It's the incompetence, laziness and criminality of our fellow citizens.


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Yeah I agree! Like stupid people who have stupid blogs like yours. We should start by throwing you in prison. People like you spread fear, uncertainty and doubt by stupidly swallowing and regurgitating divisive and visceral misinformation and biasness. Add to it your endless waste of productivity in your devotion to the demagoguery of the right wingers, and I can honestly say you are putting a huge drag to our economy and our tax system thus should be put in jail on the basis of pure stupidity.


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