Futurist Misanthropy

Interview with spokestroll Steve Christ:

I describe myself as half-hippie and half-philosopher. My hippie half likes people and is tolerant, compassionate and loving. My hippie half is forever out wandering in the fields, meeting new people and learning their stories, and thinking about better ways to do nice things for other people. Yeah, it sounds "gay," but it's me and I'm sticking by it. Someone once used the term "masculine empath" and I think it summarizes this side.

My other side is nuts and bolts practical, coupled with a sense of grand design. I like the ancient societies that aspired to rise above all other humans and to do not just adequate, and not just better than mediocre, but great things. To invent anew, to build, to create, to soar... this ties into the pragmatic because I see that people who live according to this principle aren't necessarily "happier" in some idiot survey question style, but they are more fulfilled. They have meaning to their existence, and they never question the reason for their existence. They're not neurotic, like most people.

The pragmatic half often horrifies me with what it discovers. It thinks like Plato, or Nietzsche, or Schopenhauer in terms of social design. This half knows that a world of a half-billion would be optimal, and that we as a species should be breeding to a level of genius coupled with clear untroubled minds, good health and beauty, and higher levels of character. That path is the only one that can inspire a species to overcome its fear of death. I am also aware that over 80% of our abilities and tendencies, if not all, are inherited, and therefore, I'm a eugenicist.

I don't see a reason to keep stupid, criminal, perverse, and mean people around. I think we should act and breed toward a higher level, and if this means extermination of 98% of humanity, well, who cares? The end result will be better, and those people will be happier than the masses of breeding idiots ever will. The lives of the dumb and miserable have been made worse by their own machinations, as they have made all other lives worse, so their future is not a great one anyway. But there's a bigger point here.

A species that keeps moving forward includes individuals who are not obsessed with themselves and are aware of their own small role in the universe. This is realistic. Even more, since it is aiming toward a higher goal, they are never without challenges that present a sense of achievement when even partially fulfilled, and there is a sense to the entire society of purpose. In contrast, a society which worries too much about its lowest members feeling equal has chained itself to an anchor from which no progress in quality can come, although political "progress" is assured and will do nothing but further adulterate its hope of growth. We depress ourselves with this anchor, and the people we use as the anchor do not have a great time of it either. So why do it?

Futurist Misanthropy FAQ

It's a good question. Most people are miserable and going nowhere, and the species is hampered by pandering to their bad judgment. An evolutionary leap to a higher IQ bracket would mean better-behaved people.


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