Emocracy - The illusion of democracy, where the source of general opinion is not a common set of values, but certain emotions that force a strong feeling about towards an election, a military retaliation, or sports event. e.g., In the Netherlands, a typical emocracy was evident in the huge election victory of an unknown party. The charismatic party leader had been assassinated two weeks before the election.


True, indeed. People vote with emotions, self-identification and fear, but not critical thinking, logical analysis and contextual awareness. Emotions means they pick whoever panders to them and appears to be the nicest; self-identification means they pick a political outlook like a sports team and cheer for it; fear means they vote against things more than they vote for them. Reality is far away. That's the unpopular truth.


  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    That's not illusory democracy though. It's straight-up, ordinary democracy. You are just taking issue with the motivations for the popular will, not with the machinery of its expression. Moreover, emotions grow out of common values more than anything. For the people to get a common feeling about things they all have to perceive it the same way. If war excites people to vote it's because they have common values of patriotism, militarism, competition, etc. People act out of emotion. Even if they say they have reasons, their reasons are specious. The vote the way they do because they feel that that's the way their sort of person votes.

  2. I remember reading a single word that exists for such democractic system. Not emocracy.


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