Resistance To Political Correctness Spreads In Wake Of Anti-Trump Backlash

From the usual places:
This extremist approach to shutting down Donald Trump is spreading and it is spreading just as fast as his protest/support is.
We are a small sub, so what kind of change can we make? It is in our own set forth path to change what we can with our will.
Today was a standing point in defying those who would rally to silence and censor us.
We say NO in the face of threats.
We say NO in the face of harrassment.
We say NO in the face of everything that jeapordizes everything that we hold important to ourselves, our ideologies and our freedoms.
Today, as a group, we stood united against threats, against demands and against bullying. It made no difference in reality since we are a small minority but God help me I will change this.
Defiance starts some where. It made no difference in the amount of people affected today, but it made a difference in those who " stand fast." In this instance, no one caved in nor came close to.
We are not subject to demands of protesters. We are not subject to threats of protesters, we are the people who stand behind the only person who can save this nation.
There is a term: " Stand Fast" It is used in multiple settings.
It is used to control your division, to hold your line.
It is used to reasure your division to stay on point and not falter.
It is used to rally your division to not falter and to not stray from the order.
We Stand Fast, fast in the face of opposition.
This is what it is to be a Die Hard Trump Supporter:
  • To be sick of the ways unworthy Americans shitting on its Patriots and its Veterans. THIS IS CANCER.
  • To stand up against PC, it is a cause worth everything.
  • To show your stance on how America will become and how it will stay.
There is a rallying cry. It starts at the bottom of our emotions are rips out through the tops of our lungs through our God Given voice:
"We Will not give into demands, we will not cave over and we will not be silenced."