A Typical Reddit Experience

Reddit is well-known for being a home for neckbeards and other life dropouts who are looking for a reason to feel better about their social ineptitude and lack of relevance. As a result, it swings Left, which avoids both the elephant in the room -- collapse of Western civilization -- and gives them an excuse to be failures and yet consider themselves successes.

The admins of Reddit are just fine with the kind of threats that occur through the message above. They defend Leftists, but are happy when anyone else gets destroyed. Their eyes are full of dollar signs as they consider what a massive SJW basement-dweller audience would do for their ad revenue.

The problem with this audience is that they do not buy anything substantial. Sure, they will purchase tshirts and maybe a book every now and then. But basically, their lifestyle is social justice activism at night, Amazon orders and trawling RedTube for porn involving both feminist tropes and excessive use of condoms. The goody-two-shoes generation is as insular as it is isolated.
And yet, sometimes the reality that Leftist society obscures peeks through. It is all lies, this society as a whole and in every detail. The corruption has spread to every idea and corner. And yet, it cannot have the total control it desires, at least without going full Soviet. But with Reddit in charge, it will find that Stalinist destination easier to achieve.