Anti-Semitism Creates A Scapegoat So That We Do Not See The Problems In Western Civilization

One of the founders of an anti-PC forum wrote this when he stepped down:
They blame Jews for every small little detail. Constipated? Jews gave me a bad diet. Black person stole my wallet? Jew put him there. Like, 400 years ago during the slave trade, it's the Jew's fault.
Meanwhile -- and the real truth is -- the white man dindu nuffin. Nope. White man is fucking amazing. He totes really is, never made a mistake of any fashion. Totally blameless. It's 100% the Jews' fault they're in control of the media and banks, white man dindu nuffin so 2% of the population has such a large influence. Fuck the Jews! White man dindu nuffin and the Jews are all like oy vey you fuckers all in my hwalocaust 'n sheeet.
More honestly, this whole Jewish shit is laughable. Your great mighty western-european whites want to blame 2% of the population for the western world's miseries while you can't even keep your population ethnically homogenous, and then you fail to blame yourselves. Meanwhile my Slavic ass laughs at you for blaming the Jews when it was you who sold your own people out and you cannot correct that problem because you're not blaming yourself, instead you find a scape goat.
And I laugh because my people never made the mistake you guys did. And I'm just laughing and laughing because as much hate as I get, in the end my Slavic people will remain to be Slavs, while your children will look like something out of MTV. P.S. Fuck Russia, I don't like those Slavs.