Western Europe stands alone

The debate over 'white nationalism' rages now in both the mainstream media and underground right. The question presented is whether it is legitimate for a group of white people, or even a subset of white people, to stand up for self-interest. That requires that this group excludes others so that it can manage its own destiny.

For America, the question always has been 'Who is white?' Over the years, the definition has shifted, and now includes Italians, Jews, Greeks, Irish and Slavs as well as the founding group of this nation, the Western Europeans from England, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, and northern France who built this society from raw wilderness.

White Nationalists tend to argue for an inclusive definition of 'white,' but history shows us that white groups are every different. Western, Eastern and Southern Europe form their own clusters; Ireland is closer to Southern Europe because of Iberian and North African ancestors in the mix.

The above chart shows us how these different groups view one another in terms of competence and moral fairness. It is clear from this chart that Western Europeans cluster with one another in attitude, while other European groups have a different view. Perhaps the failure of white nationalism is that it attempts to combine these groups despite those divisions, creating a group with very little in common.