5 news items of interest for January 11, 2016

What an exciting week! An old order fails and a new order rises. Namely, the old modern way -- democracy, liberalism, multiculturalism and pluralism -- has collapsed with the rapes in Cologne, Germany and the resulting shock as people wonder, "How could our good democratically elected leaders do this to us, and be so oblivious as to the obvious results?"

  1. How 2015 Fueled The Rise Of The Freewheeling, White Nationalist Alt Right Movement
    Liberals always become tyrants when given power because liberal ideology is in paradox with reality. It always needs "help" being true because reality does not have a liberal bias after all.
  2. The End of Modernity
    A sea change is upon us: the "new" ways, which we would have realized were old and failed if anyone read the Greeks still, have failed, and now people are turning from these sacred cows to more realistic ideas.
  3. Germany now has North Africa's sex crime troubles
    Human Biological Diversity (HBD) goes mainstream. Nature trumps nurture, so expect North Africans to behave like North Africans even if they were born in Sweden.
  4. Harnessing the Irish Diaspora to thrive in a globalised world
    Ireland needs immigrants. But there are Irish emigrants all over the world. Send them back and save Ireland from implosion.
  5. The Western Spring
    Across the West, people are waking up from the dream of democracy, political correctness, multiculturalism and tolerance and realizing that these malignant ideologies deny reality.

Things that were taboo a week ago are now mainstream. Ideas that were considered pillars of our societies a week ago are now in doubt and seem optional. Fresh air has finally entered the Euro-Caucasian mind. It is time to make good on this, and find a new path for ourselves away from these ruins. The future awaits.