Reddit revolt: /r/military rejects official site policy of "safe spaces"

In defiance of the official Reddit policy of being a "safe space," or place where liberals can go without having their narrow views challenged, /r/military has rebuked the official policy with a statement of its own:

We're not doing the safe space thing.

We never were. I was attempting to prove a point but the shitshow was so shitty that it was like a trainwreck I couldn't stop watching.

If you're curious, the point was "Everyone gets made fun of. Everyone gets shit on. Quit crying because you think you're special and no one can mock you. Yes, even if you're a big bad Marine fighting naval soldier person, an Air Force cook can mock you in the subreddit. I'm sorry your feelings got hurt but too bad. And any attempt to turn this place into a rainbow-shitting unicorn happy place will horribly, horribly backfire. If you ever, ever need proof that it would horribly backfire, just look here."

I honestly meant to try to make this last a few days to further prove the point but the first eight hours were so awful that I had to pull the plug early. But hey, we made SRD and ... whatever this thing is.

This will never be a safe place. If you want to be in a safe place, you can stay in your branch (or country) appropriate subreddit and jerk each other off. And then accuse me of bringing the smallest "downvote brigade" in reddit history to argue with you.

I might be a SNCO now but there's no fucking chance I'm ever gonna subscribe to that "feelings" bullshit, on or off-duty. Now everyone make sure you're in your seats Thursday at 0800 for the mandatory SHARP briefing. There will be a sign-in sheet and we're banning everyone who doesn't sign in.

This mature and logical view will go unnoticed by Reddit, which in the face of declining readership and an apparent failure to continue faking "new" content, has focused on its SJW and neckbeard liberal audience in the hope of becoming a niche social media site.