There is only one solution to SJWs

An anonymous commentator cited in a Breitbart article explains why SJWs are able to exist:

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in America, so this shit is new to me. But I’m descended from puritans, and I know my history; I know how they treated dissent. I also know how commies treated dissent; I grew up next door to a grizzled old Russian who barely avoided the gulag by smuggling himself out of the country. I know what you petty tyrants have turned into every time you gained enough power.

Worst of all, you turn the very principles of freedom against us. We tolerate you because we believe in free speech and civil discourse, not bullying and violence. But that means we have to watch you advocate against that very freedom. We don’t believe in ruining a stranger’s professional life over an opinion, but that means that we can’t punish your actions.

We believe that the rightness of our actions should speak for itself. You believe in bullying, even as you claim to love the oppressed.

This has been the problem with liberals since the beginning. They advocate insanity, and in the name of sanity, we tolerate them. The "right" thing to do is to be nice and fair to them, which is what the aristocrats of Europe did and were murdered for their grace. Then again, both sane and right are measured here by method, not goal.

This problem has a biological root: our bodies find it hard to throw off parasites, too. The average virus, worm, insect or other creature sucking our blood or giving us cancer succeeds because it is tiny and our conscious minds must oversee a far larger creature. As a result, they ignore the small threats, much as the aristocrats did, but what matters is not the size of the threat, but what it threatens. A mosquito bite is usually harmless, until it carries a pathogen that stops the lungs or gives cancer.

And what motivates liberals?

You do the same evil, in the same pattern, as so many before you, because mob justice, punishing dissent, and repression of others is just fine and dandy so long as the “right” people are doing it to the “wrong” people.

Simple envy. They hate the fact that some were born more-than-equal: more attractive, healthier, smarter, nicer and of better character. SJWs are people who are underconfident because secretly, they recognize their mediocrity, and it makes them fanatical about hiding that. They will only truly be able to hide that mediocrity when they have destroyed those who can tell the difference, hence guillotines, gulags and SJWs.

There is only one solution to SJWs, liberals, Communist, Socialists, Anarchists and Stalinists -- these are variations by degree alone of the same idea -- and that is to not be as vile (I misspelled "evil," perhaps) as they are, but also, to recognize that they are parasites and do not belong around health people.

My solution is simple: put them on boats to the third world. The third world is the place where people who blame others for their problems instead of working together to fix them go. SJWs will be right at home.


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