Finally, equality in our time!

We are told that in the West we are vile oppressors and that the only profundity comes from the brown people of the third world. And now, those brown people have shown us the way:

Created about 18 months ago, the Al-Khansaa brigade includes women from North Africa, Gulf Arabs, Iraqis, Chechens, and western Europeans.

Up to 60 British women are thought to have joined the psychotic group, with 20-year-old Glaswegian Aqsa Mahmood understood to be a key member.

The all-female brigade appear to be particularly ruthless towards mums.

Only when women are doing the exact same things as men, and all people are equal in the sense of identical behavior and abilities, will we be free from the underconfidence created by Darwinism, in which (trigger warning) some rise above others due to natural competence and this (hate speech warning) becomes encoded into their DNA, making some people more adapted than others.

The egalitarians will not be happy until posts like this one are considered a "hate crime," because the egalitarians have a lot to hide: they are in denial of nature and Darwin, of common sense and plain logic, and even of their own behavior which shows favoritism toward the naturally-talented over the congenitally-average herd. But if you point that out, it's hate speech.