Victimhood status is rape...for those who are not Victims

Under democracy, only Victims are safe because they have been wronged and society owes it to them to come up with a fix. The result of this is that non-Victims are forced to compensate Victims. Those who cannot immediately produce some reason why they are Victims -- sexual, racial, religious or ethnic minorities -- are a marginalized population.

Witness this tale of a young man who accidentally dates a person who, born male, wants to be female but retains the male equipment.

I was on Tinder and matched with a girl we'll call Crystal, that seemed interesting and relatively nice. We met, had a great first date, and she told me that she didn't believe in having sex right away and that she wanted to get to know me first. I say that's fine with me seeing as I'm probably the 1 percent of dudes on Tinder that isn't looking for a one night hook-up. We started just hanging out for the next several weeks and everything was going pretty well...until she stayed over one night after an evening of heavy drinking. I loaned her a pair of my PJs and let her use my room to change, but when I knocked and walked back in to check on her after awhile, I saw right away that she wasn't a biological woman. I didn't explode, I didn't get angry, but I did help her finish getting dressed and helped her get into my bed. I slept on the couch.

At the risk of sounding like an asshole, I'm not attracted to penis. I don't care who it's attached to. I made up my mind right away that I didn't want this relationship to progress and in the morning, I told Crystal this. I told her that I didn't mind the fact that she was transgendered at all, but it is what it is, and it was best that we didn't stay romantically involved. Crystal got extremely pissed and told me that I was being hateful, that it wasn't right that I was excited to be with her when I thought she was a biological female, and that I was encouraging hate mongering by refusing to accept her for who she is. The entire thing derailed into a VERY long argument in which I told her that I didn't appreciate her deceiving me and that while it is 2015, other straight guys might not be as accepting as others if they have to find out about her through less than straight forward means. She stormed out after that.

The past couple weeks I've been bombarded with nasty texts, calls, and e-mails from Crystal and some of her friends. They're threatening to expose me as a "bigot", and e-mail intimate photos I sent Crystal to my family and friends. Some of my Facebook friends have gotten nasty messages from these people about my "bigotry" and warning them to stay away from me.

The post was removed by Reddit because it does not fit into their concept of a "safe space," or place where Victims are protected from criticism, triggering bad stimulus, bad memories and anything else that might shock someone who takes more seriously their emotional state than reality.

While the intentions behind "safe spaces" -- if we believe what we are told, which I never do -- seem noble, the reality is that safe spaces are just another way for Victims to push non-Victims around and extract tribute from them. The proof is in the censorship of this entirely normal request. It is not a political statement, except to Victims, who see it as an assault on their right to demand tribute from non-Victims everywhere. And thus it is taboo and must be removed, stat.

At this point, it seems dubious that Victims are actually Victims, or at least, that they should get special status, since Victims are victimizing non-Victims. Perhaps we need another different model than "bad versus good" in these absolute, rigid containers based on whoever is not successful being the holy Victim, and everyone else having to serve them?


  1. This happens to lesbians A LOT


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