Take Heed: the white race is in reality nothing more than an inbred sub-race


The white "race" is in reality nothing more than an inbred sub-race, and an aberration of the hyman species. All whites are genetically defective and inferior by definition. The white man makes up less than 10% of the world's population. It is impossible for the white man to be the "supreme race" of the human species. Their numbers simply do not support their claim. The white man is the true minority on the planet. The white man's pale "pigment" is inherited from his albino progenitors. This is the reason the white man cannot point to any other single natural lineage to explain his ancestry (unlike all the other people in the world). If not the black man in Africa, whence did the white man come?

The "dark-freckled pigmentation" commonly found on the white man's skin is a vestigial indicator of his true ancestor: the black man. No species on this planet is truly white unless the MAJORITY of that species is white. The vast majority of man are people of color. The white man is singular in his bizarre appearance. To put it concisely, the very condition of being white constitutes a defective anomaly and, consequently, is indicative of species inferiority. Hence, the white man is marked. The white man despises the black metal because the white man knows he himself can never be anything other than a lesser man (the white man is a defect). Again, the white man is marked. The white man has contributed to his own genetic deficiencies through his history of inbreeding. Fact: if you closely observe enough whites, you will notice that there are those with one green and one blue eye. There are too many known cases of the occurrence for them to be considered mere random mutations.) As a result of their inbreeding and other genetic defects, all whites are thieves, liars, sociopaths, psychopaths, etc. Because the white man is inherently psychotic, it is imperative that you teach your children to NEVER trust a white man (or woman). Before too long, the white man will get the message that he is persona-non-grata in this world, and he will eventually die off.

The white man has lied to you. If the white man were GOD's prized creation, would HE have given HIS prized creation such poor covering in lieu of protection, i.e., the white man's inadequate pale flesh? (Would you have done that?) Once again, the insidious white man is marked. The only god the white man obeys is god satan. satan is the white man's true god. The white man's sole purpose in this world is to function as a recruiter for satan. And satan richly rewards his followers. GOD would not reward you in so trite a way for doing what HE commands you to do. Your non-tangible rewards from GOD are the avoidance of the consequences that would befall you should you fail to follow GOD's command. (And not those commands set in the white man's make-believe bible) Would GOD sanction or allow such horrid conditions as war, poverty, organized pedophilia (the catholic church), incest, intentional...


  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    ... but true. The white man is the devil and his history prove it.

  2. Anonymous8:23 PM

    What about how Jews control everything in Western society? Many of the Atlantic slave trade ships were owned by them. They created the pornography industry as we know it today to destroy Christian morals. They're currently wiping out the Palestinians.

  3. Anonymous8:44 PM

    That's pretty funny. If the white man were so inferior, then he wouldn't be ruling the majority of the wealthiest nations in the world.

  4. Black slaves were sold to whites by black enslavers


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