Leftists secretly want to be dominated by fascists

Do leftists secretly want to get topped by fascist and archaic conservative elements? Check out this fascist-worship from lefty rag Salon:

As is not uncommon for black metal, the Ukrainian band Drudkh’s political commitments are unsavory while their music is surprisingly indie-art, and even world-music friendly. “Glare of Autumn,” from their 2004 “Autumn Aurora,” opens with an acoustic folk intro before launching into a complex layered drone, somewhere between Sonic Youth and Sigur Ros if either of those bands dabbled in traditional melodies. All Drudkh albums are worth checking out, including their all-acoustic effort, “Songs of Grief and Solitude.” - "10 metal tracks even non-metal-heads will love," by Noah Berlatsky, Salon, December 7, 2013.

It's great to see public acknowledgement that black metal is right-wing in its roots and persistent attitude. It's also good to see someone being truly "open-minded." But it's also a bit creepy.