Challenging those who control through definitions

I came across an amusing little blog purporting to tell us What Is and Isn’t Racist, and thought I'd leave a challenge:

What about those of us who recognize "diversity" is not a functional model for civilization?

It is more racist to point out it doesn't work, or to try it anyway and blame either whites or blacks?

Yes, there are many of us out here, and we're skeptics about many sacred cows. Democracy. Diversity. Libertarianism/anarchy/individualism/consumerism. Pluralism. Being a superpower. Herd morality. Internal divisions. And so on.

Our goal is to get past the people who are extremists on the pro/con ends, and make people look at the actual question: is diversity a good idea?

Because if it's not, we can save the trees and electrons from the next forty million words of discourse on race and racism.


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