Options are Relative

Think about it this way: if you have an option to do something, it becomes more likely you'll do it, because it's probably easier/more absolute in one way or another.

It's estimated 27 percent of all food is thrown out, which works out to a pound of food every day for every American.

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"One little blemish on their food and Americans who can afford to do so, throw out that apple," Berg said.

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A recent study found roughly 30 million tons of food is wasted each year.


Supermarkets and restaurants are guaranteed to be wasteful because portion sizes are averaged and not adapted to the customer. Would you really serve a little old lady the same size steak as you'd hand to a linebacker? To be "fair" you would, even if it meant throwing out food.

Another giant loss is food that is badly prepared. I have seen many public events where the sub-par catering basically went into the trash.

The idiots in the article want you to waste less food so they can give it to the homeless, who are 98% criminal and insane, but "waste not, want not" is a better motto. Besides, in the case of most food, something died for that meal -- so it is a sacred thing, if you think about it clearly.


  1. My father owns a shop here in Massachusetts, small import grocery (Italian stuff, mostly). It's funny you mention steaks because he's one of the few true butchers left in the area; he doesn't pre-package anything, he cuts everything to order and we get everything to order for each customer (I help him out once per week). This attitude helped people to get only what they needed each day or two, then go back and get more when they ran out. Now, people have accepted the idea of becoming pack-rats, buying huge second fridges and freezers and going to warehouse stores like cattle to fill up cars with frozen and preserved goods, as if that's somehow better. And we're surprised at the amount of preservatives in our foods these days?? Fresher is better, people have to go back to that.


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