Anarchists are jerks

A police statement about the teenage boy's death said the incident started when six young protesters pelted a police patrol car with stones. The teen was shot as he tried to throw a petrol bomb at the officers, police said.

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Police said 34 civilians and 16 police officers were injured Monday in rioting that spread into new municipalities, including Trikala, Larissam and Veria.

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Demonstrators Monday barricaded streets in Athens and Thessaloniki and hurled gasoline bombs as they battled with police.


Funny, if I were throwing firebombs at cops, I'd expect to get shot. Molotov cocktails kill.


  1. Anonymous11:56 PM

    so is there any substance to this post or is it just more anarchist slander?

  2. If you point a gun at a cop you will be shot and killed.

    Why do people think you can throw firebombs at cops and it is no big deal? They want to legalize burning policemen to death?

    I am baffled why anarchists think they can act violently and not be retaliated against in kind.


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