ECPR conference on far-right radicalism

Finally, the call for papers for the ECPR’s 5th conference (at Potsdam, September 10-12 2009) is out. Our section on the Radical Right will consist of the following nine panels:

* The Radical Right in Central and Eastern Europe
* The Internationalisation of the Radical Right
* Will Fascism return?
* On the Borderline Between Protest and Violence: Political Movements of the New Radical Right
* Consequences of the surge of anti-immigration parties
* The Radical Right in Western Europe
* Inside the Radical Right: An Internalist Perspective
* Party-based Euroscepticism in Western and Eastern Europe
* Neighbourhood Effects Revisited: the Visualisation of Immigrants and Radical Right-Wing Voting

Each panel can have up to five paper givers, so the section offers us a chance to bring together cutting edge research on the Populist/Extreme/Radical Right from various subfields (parties, voters, rational choice, normative theory - you name it). Please submit your abstract via the the electronic submission system to the appropriate panel(s).


It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

It will either be psychological fluff explaining away the problem, or reveal an insight into Europe's crumbling identity as the root of its leadership problems.


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