End Of the Civilization of the White Man

Poland’s Foreign Ministry has condemned a conservative lawmaker who called U.S. president-elect Barack Obama the “black messiah of the new left” and said his victory marks the “end of the civilization of the white man.”

Artur Gorski is a little-known member of the opposition right-wing Law and Justice party. He made the remark to parliament on Wednesday, a day after Obama’s historic victory as America’s first African-American president.

The Foreign Ministry condemned the remark in a statement Sunday and said it will urge Parliament’s Ethics Committee to review the case.


Only in fantasyland is this racist.

He mentioned a political divide: how the new left has used demographics against its host population in order to maintain power at any cost, even if it must destroy the host and replace it with a disorganized third world nation.


  1. In a sentence. Yes of course. The facts stand out for themselves at least for those who are not deluded by the utopian multicultural equality brainswahing that the left as subjected its own people to for the last 50 years. Such notions of equality, 'fairness', helping the poorest and ultimatley Multiculturalism all appealing to the blind emotions of the white Indo-Europeans, as been a good way in for consolidating of the power of the left as the part of the New World Order. That is to say the subjection of the white civilisation and its destruction and degradation to a Third World South African type morass.

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