Free Classical Music MP3s

I'm blogging over at CORRUPT today, and the topic was free classical music mp3s you can find online legally and without hassle. Why? Because the music industry is a scam. Because rock music will bore you past your second year of guitar practice. Because paying $15 for a CD that you listen to for a month means the yearly cost of that CD or its analogues is at least $180, and that's money you can use for something productive instead of giving it to a greedy, spoiled industry. And, because classical music kicks ass, if you listen to the good stuff instead of the moronic trend-fodder.

Our requirements were that downloads be legal and free; although it's illegal, many people every day download free classical music from file sharing services, and it seems to me that with classical a higher proportion of them buy the CDs later.

You pay $15 for a CD that you listen to for two weeks, then buy another. I see this pattern again and again in every genre. You want more, so you buy more, and ten years from now you'll see you have a stack of CDs you don't really care about. They were fun for a while, but they brought nothing important to your life. The reason you want more is that each time you get one, you hope for enlightenment, but it is unsatisfying. Imagine that.

You got scammed.

You can retaliate -- listen to authentic folk and classical music. Even better, you can get it for free and legally. Our beloved, chaotic, horseporn-ridden internet offers you free classical music mp3s from the following sources...

Click here to see the list of sources where you can download free classical music:

Free Classical Music MP3s


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