CORRUPT newsletter October 14, 2008

== New Publications ==

"They are cosmopolitan materialists living lives devoid of meaning beyond their next physical gratification: a new pair of shoes, another martini, or their next sexual companion."

"What this paper does demonstrate is that concentrating power in the hands of a single individual clearly does have benefits, and suggests that we may have developed genetic and/or cultural inclinations to organize ourselves in ways which take advantage of them"

"Kurtz is dangerous because he is both an honest reflection of the exploitation of the region, and someone who dares to break free from the materialism and alarm his brethren: civilization has become its own disease."

== Corrupt News ==

"We thought the baby boomers would kill welfare, but we neglected our pre-existing health problems and the amazing tax costs they will bring with them."

"The West is dying, not from global warming, terrorism or bird flues, but from internal dissolution."

"We're living in a culture that is telling girls you can't do math — that's telling everybody that only Asians and nerds do math."

"What's happened now is that we want to continue spending, but find out that we can't afford it, and the things we want to sell quickly drop in value."

"Civilizations in decay love symbolic actions, because these allow a token gesture and then business as usual."

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"Corrupt, Inc. is a civilization watchdog built on the premise that when humans form a mental image of the world that does not correspond to reality, they become corrupt and destroy themselves."


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