Why Europe is committing suicide

A good rant on how Europe's current auto-genocide arises from the same impulse as previous genocides:

To outside observers it's somewhat difficult to understand what's happening in Europe, because this is something that has never happened before. They do not quite understand why Europeans would accept the ongoing wave of mass migration that's destroying our continent.

The answer here is that Europe is stuck in an existential crisis. This is a crisis that has a prelude that began long before 1933, but finally reached a breaking point in 1945. If you're looking for someone to blame for the fact that Europe is committing suicide, here's a suggestion: It's not the Jews who are responsible, but rather, the Americans who ordered the German people to march through the concentration camps. This is not meant as an indictment of the Americans, but rather, to illustrate a point: This crisis isn't about Jews, but about guilt. Europe has a guilt complex. Note that a nation like Denmark, where most of the Jews survived the Holocaust due to Danish resistance, seems far more hesitant to embrace mass immigration that Sweden and Germany. The trauma that affects much of Western Europe has left Denmark relatively unscathed.

As I said, this problem began to develop long before 1933, when we realized that we effectively had complete control over most of the world. The white man ruled the world, so what is he to do with this power? It's a question we've struggled with for as long as we got this power. Throughout much of history, the answer was always extermination. That's what happened to the aboriginals of the New World. In other places it was more financially attractive to economically utilize the native population, by forcing them to produce luxury spices and other goods that could be sold for high prices to Europe's growing middle classes. Eventually this led to the realization that our presence effectively made other people's lives miserable. The publication of Max Havelaar in the Netherlands forced people here to begin to think about our relationship to the rest of the world.

Of course Europe was still confident at this point about the direction that history was heading in, so the idea developed of the white man's burden, where it was assumed that we would have to deliver the virtues of civilization to the people we conquered. After 1945 however, the tone become more sober. Under American pressure decolonization began and eventually Europe started to import millions of immigrants, in an effort to demonstrate to itself that it could tolerate diversity. The consensus at the time was that the migrants should maintain their own native cultures, the more exotic the better. Suffice to say that this led to a variety of problems we see today.

Whereas congenital differences between human races were somewhat of an obsession to us Europeans ever since we began to understand evolution, discussing such differences became taboo after 1945. There is however no physical law that obliges Mother Nature to endow each and every human race with the same temperament. If tens of thousands of years of evolution had left us all behaving and thinking similarly, it would be evidence in favor of a God directly intervening in his creation. We try to force reality to amend itself to our wishes, by shouting angry words at people who dare to notice differences between the newcomers and the natives, but denial of reality does not force reality to adapt to our beliefs. We go through great cost, to maintain the illusion that there are no differences, that can not be resolved through education. When newcomers commit mass sexual assault on the streets, we assume that they simply do not understand that Europeans do not appreciate it. Similarly, when they persecute homosexuals, it is assumed that they can simply be "educated" into accepting homosexuality.

The success or lack thereof of this European mentality of reality-denial can be seen in the wave of terror that has now flooded across all of Western Europe. Many people are afraid to leave their houses and many places are gradually returning to some form of tribalism, with vigilante groups and no-go areas for native Europeans. Europe is now beginning to wake from its dream and entering a nightmare, that is surprisingly reminiscent of an old nightmare we went through...In Europe, our moral disposition hasn't changed. We blamed the genocide on hatred and declared that we could solve it through indifference, which we use the euphemism tolerance for.

In reality hate was not the perpetrator. It was cowardice, which hides behind many different names. Cowardice means to choose the easiest path, to go along with actions that we know are wrong or to look the other way. It doesn't require education to understand why rape is wrong, but it doesn't require education to understand why genocide is wrong either. Nations have personalities, produced by the choices and experiences of generations of people who make up the nation.