How popularity destroys every cause and leaves a hollow shell behind

Over on Pedophile/Safe Space social media, someone made an insightful observation about how groups are destroyed by their own audience, in the process of becoming successful.

People who jump on any kind of bandwagon are usually incapable of critical thinking.

and also that

This fact does not say anything about "the bandwagon itself".

Meaning: You'll be able to find dumb, angry, vicious, ungrateful, pedantic, annoying, just SHIT people EVERYWHERE. Vegans, meateaters, keto guys, gays, straights, left, right, theists, atheists, whatever. Basically if you belong to ANY club, there's a high chance you're just doing it unconsciously to feel better about your shitty life/mistakes/self esteem. Personally I don't care or know enough about the specific subject here so I won't say anything about keto/vegan/etc. Bear in mind that for most people who jump on a bandwagon, it's likely that it's the first time they ever felt they belong somewhere, and that they know something that others don't.

So what does this mean for you guys?

It means most of you belong to the subredditdrama-club. You're not a Vegan or a Meateater, you're a Redditor. You are the only person on reddit who sees and calls out nasty/stupid/childish behaviour. You are the all-knowing oracle of virtually every subject/subculture/etc on Earth and you have both the capacity and the say-so to decide whether another redditor is misusing/defaming/misrepresenting/ something. You see all negative behaviour and you have a Dog-given right to judge it make fun of it. You sit on your majestic throne above these people and you bask in the glory of your comments making fun of people who you identify as X or Y .

Just take a look at the top comment:

Poor keto people. So angry, and they can't even eat the popcorn. I guess they can still have the butter, though.

Is it just me who's out of the loop on how fucking ridiculous and unworthy these "keto people" are, or is this comment more judgemental than it is actually observational and funny? Just to clarify, I'm not saying being judgemental can't be funny. What I'm saying is that I feel that a lot of reddit and especially this subreddit kinda seems like people just think they're on some moral high ground when it comes to anything. And it is fun to laugh at the immoral, the stupid, the crazy, the poor.. the common people. Or is it??? It seems like, doesn't it? But is it true, or is it a fucking disgusting mental disorder of evolution, civilization and esp. modern culture? And is it not ridiculous, that the people who laugh at the dumb and the poor are morally and emotionally dumber than the ones they're laughing at, without even realizing it?

So let me just tell you very plainly: in my eyes what you're doing is basically believing ( imagining, more precisely ! ) that you're somehow above the common person(idiot) who a certain thread is about. What you don't realize is that you're most likely the same common person(idiot), only with a different kind of idiocy; naturally, one which you yourself are probably unaware of, and usually come with a ridiculously inflated, unfounded sense of self-esteem. And I do realize that I'm being a little bit judgemental here, and I do admit that I most likely am a part of these groups as well. But let someone else be the judge of that.

You guys are basically making fun of people just like you because through some mental/moral distortions you aren't even aware of, you've reached a common conclusion that the combination of all of you here are better than anything anyone says anywhere, ever. You're laughing at people who don't know better because you don't know better. You just don't see that. You're essentially humiliating yourself. This concept is very funny to me in theory, but as I thought through it here I don't laugh, it makes me rather sad and feel compassion for humanity - I would guess that's the main difference between us but I know for saying that you'll think I'm pompous or something (I can't find the right word here, sorry) - and I don't give a shit. I don't derive my self-esteem from the opinion of others and I know that given you have an IQ and emotional intelligence high enough you'll feel the truth in my words.

I'm not sure about unsubbing because it can be somewhat entertaining, and if anything this comment came out of it, but I've had this feeling about this and other subs for a while now, just couldn't put it into words. I wouldn't even think of telling someone they're making gross generalizations, it's become so ridiculously common but for some reason this specific post did me in. This was a perfect occasion, thanks if you've read it, I hope you learned something like I did.