#RedditRevolt keeps going strong

Reddit continues to field a massive wave of discontent from the people who make the site interesting. The uprising, called #RedditRevolt, draws its support from people who are dismayed at how a policy against "harassment" is in fact being used to harass those who disagree with the "safe space"-friendly SJW ideology of Reddit admins.

Earlier today, a site naming itself after the shorthand for the /r/fatpeoplehate banning extravaganza, "The Fattening," went online with a list of offensive subreddits not yet banned. You can find it here. While Reddit's official line is that behavior is banned, not content, it has offered no evidence that /r/fatpeoplehate did anything more than make fun of pictures of fat people.

Speaking of /r/fatpeoplehate... the Reddit revolutionaries did a good job of creating dozens of alternative subreddits in response. The most recent banning is of /r/fatpeoplehate15 which attempted to circumnavigate the ban and did so successfully for almost 48 hours, rising rapidly in popularity. A smaller respawn has occurred in /r/fatpeoplehate18 but it has only attracted about 450 subscribers at this point. Reddit seems to target them when they get large.

In the meantime, the action has moved to Twitter where #RedditRevolt continues trending with a steady stream of messages. Many of these point to https://voat.co/v/RedditRevolt as a new command and control for the insurgency, but at this time it remains mostly decentralized.

Speaking of Voat, it appears to be down for maintenance after a flood of users have left Reddit. Some speculate that this was what Reddit desired all along, namely the removal of 4chan-style independent thinkers so that more of the social justice audience would attend instead. If that is the case, the strategy is both working and failing, as many virtual rioters have also stuck around Reddit to create more chaos.

A short list of Reddit alternatives:

And if you want to run your own Reddit alternative, some software options:

Adding this functionality to Wordpress:


  1. derram3:26 AM

    If they're taking one of my favorite places with nothing more than a "Fuck you, deal with it". might as well burn it down on the way out.

    We built it, we can burn it down on the way out.

    The SJWs can play in the ashes.


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