Reddit moves beyond removing "harassment" to removing political non-conformists

Recent events on Reddit, if we read them from the position of the admins, separate into two camps: an anti-harassment campaign and what we might call an anti-harasser campaign, with "harassment" and "harasser" being defined nowhere and having radically different meanings. With the banning of /r/fatpeoplehate, "harassment" came to mean -- presumably, since Reddit did not elaborate -- posting photos of fat people. With the banning of /r/neogafinaction, the campaign switched toward persecuting those who have attitudes that make SJWs such as "anti-GamerGate" nervous. This shows a fundamental shift in Reddit's censorship campaign from removing a few bad apples to cutting out certain types of thought, leaving behind only the pure SJW master race.

As pointed out in a message from a mod of /r/neogafinaction, Reddit had no reason to ban the sub: it did not link to any posts on the site, it was not formed for evading another ban, and it did not target specific people. What it did do however was create an environment that was not entirely welcome to the anti-GamerGate SJWs, who find any pro-GamerGate sentiment to be "triggering" and will squall about it.

And yet... as others have said, part of life is confronting the difference of opinion and lifestyles between people. If you took the average person through a view of one hundred of his neighbors and how they lived, he might approve of the lifestyles of a half-dozen at most. Part of what makes humanity survive itself at all is our ability to keep on doing what we know to be right even when seemingly everyone around us is doing wrong. But the anti-GamerGate (aGG) audience, and Reddit itself it seems, does not want that; it wants us all to do the same thing so that no one feels like they come up short. What a strange, deathlike pursuit that is.