Ross Elder books "The Fireman" and "Unhinged" free download on Amazon from November 26-29

From Ross Elder:

This morning, I had this thought that, hell, I can't even GIVE these books away. I mean, really. Perhaps $.99 is just out of the price range for most readers of fine writing. But, then, I had another thought while pumping iron in the gym today.

They're MY books. If I want to give them away, I damned well CAN give them away.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... The Fire Sale!

From Tuesday, Nov 26th until Friday, Nov 29th, both of my short stories, The Fireman - the short story that launched the series, and UNHINGED - the latest short story that follows up from Book One, will be absolutely free for download from Amazon. Go get them. Read them. Write a review. I've removed all other obstacles. I think you will enjoy them. If you don't, you probably have a seriously large stick up your ass.

No Kindle is required. It can be downloaded for PC, Laptop, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet and probably even direct injection into your cranial cavity.


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