Jonathan Bowden was an essential member within the British nationalist scene, most prominently perhaps for his involvement in the British National Party; however his output extends far beyond party politics. An erudite orator, Bowden spoke on a variety of subjects with an aim at illuminating a far-right perspective with logical precision and spiritual fervor that simultaneously appeals to traditionalists and modernists alike.

It is our great pleasure to spread awareness of this partial compilation, featuring 2.45 GB of audio and video, with speeches and interviews concerning a variety of subjects.

Highlights include:

  • Julius Evola; Traditionalism and Perennialism
  • Savitri Devi; Living Paganism
  • George Orwell; [em]1984[/em] and Modern Totalitarianism
  • Friedrich Nietzsche; Moral Inequality
  • HP Lovecraft; Literary Horror and Romanticism

...and much more.


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