HackerNews removed this article

Something happened today I have never personally experienced before.

I had a story deleted, with no explanation and no traces, from HackerNews.

It just suddenly disappeared. No warning, no reasoning given. As if they were afraid of it.

The story was a simple one, along the lines of things people post all the time, was from The Independent (UK).

It was The dawn of the 'start-up douchebag': San Francisco locals disturbed as Google, Facebook, Apple and eBay professionals move in:

In the Mission and across San Francisco, long-time locals are disturbed by the profusion of young, rich tech professionals moving into their neighbourhoods, driving up house prices and – inadvertently or not – driving out residents. The phenomenon has inspired impassioned essays in San Francisco magazine, the London Review of Books and The New Yorker.

The Google buses, which often stop in spaces supposedly reserved for public transport, are a particular point of contention. This growing fleet of unmarked luxury coaches carries some 14,000 people on their 35-mile trip from the city to Silicon Valley and back. Since the search giant introduced the buses a decade ago, Facebook, Apple, eBay and almost 40 other companies have followed suit. Each new route quickly becomes a corridor of hip clothing stores and restaurants.

I wonder why they'd want this blocked? Obviously they don't trust that enough people would downvote it.

Instead, they fear it. That's the part I don't get; it's critical of the SF establishment, sure, but how it would hurt anything is beyond me. Everybody already knows this.

Still, an interesting and unexplained event.