Film "The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America" viewing free at Detroit Underground Film Festival, online

For one weekend only, the most honest film of 2013, "The Suffering and Celebration of Life In America" will be available in its entirety for free for all of Friday, August 23rd and throughout the weekend and up until Monday, August 26th. Shane and Amy Bugbee's experimental documentary film and companion book have been praised in VICE Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, and The Harvard Crimson.
The movie features Ian Mackaye of Fugazi, the godfather of Death Metal Jeff Becerra, Craig Newmark of Craigslist, Gene Hoglan of Dethklok, revolutionary John Sinclair, Mike IX Williams of eyehategod, photographer Joel Peter Witkin, Satanic ministress Szandora LaVey, Mark Looy from the Creationist Museum, American Indian Movement founder Dennis Banks, VooDoo practitioner and doll artist Ugly Shyla and many more amazing Americans known and unknown, speaking about the subjects we should all be talking about but too often don't, POLITICS, ART, RELIGION & REVOLUTION. This weekends offering is in honor of the world premiere screening at the Detroit Underground Film Festival (DUFF).
The hessian couple captured these rare interviews during a year long road trip, they documented America during the 2007-2008 election cycle, speaking to the people, not the politicians or pundits, producing some 150 short videos that received well over a million views, and captured the disgruntled American attitude that would become the Occupy movement that followed.
On Friday August 23rd and throughout the weekend, gather around the computer and hear words of wisdom from artists, metal heads, satanists, christians, road sages, revolutionaries, punks, deep thinkers, and regular folks in a visual overload. Check it out before it's goes back behind its paywall:
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“Its been compared to Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo journalism but I reject this comparison. Hunter S. Thompson represented how far you could ignore reality... Shane and Amy are more committed to reality than anything else… It is simply extremely raw, and extremely real… Its way too real to be gonzo journalism.” - Enrique Recuero, MindCore Radio
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