All of Life is God by Osiris Akkebala

All Life Is Of God

By Chief Elder Osiris

It is an empirical fact that Black people been made to live in a caste of fear, want, and belief, and all things pertaining to the Black way of living life, if not in compliance to lies, deception, and fantasy, must be ignored, with one exception, which is that Black people are in agreement with everything white people teach to us as being the way all things pertaining to life is.

So, it is no wonder what is shared with Black people about living life, coming from Black people who Think and profoundly reason about all things with or without life being lived in the physical, Most Black people have been mentally tuned to ignore.

So, there is n no way that knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, will be allowed to reside in the inner-sanctum of the mind of Black people, thus, that is why all other Race of people wearing not the pigmented coat of Darkness, which is liken to the image of the Infinite Night, live life with want and believe, which is what we Black folks do today, it being the way of this creepy ass crackka who has conditioned us to use his profane mind and not our Cosmic First Way Ancient Ancestors Divine Mind.

Therefore, the end result being Afrika is no more an admiration and inspiration to Black people, and the living of life as tribal clans maintain the division of Black afrikan people, wherever we now live our life in according to the teaching of this creepy ass crackka.

No one nor anything has the right of approval to Kill unjustly, and unjustly mean not for for self protection, which mean not for self pleasure or evil, not for land that is stolen or taken from the rightful original occupier of the land being lived upon, and homes built and family born, such involvement is the foundation of living life, and to have others to infringe upon such a Divine right to live life in the way you choose , is in violation of nature law, regarding the living of life, which allow others to live freely with choice as well, not to have such freedom, is in violation of the law of nature giving you the right to be self protective.

All life has the obligation to be with consideration of others that are living life, because all living Beings have the right to be self sustaining and to live life in peace, to be in comfort while living life, and to be in authority to determine the social consequence for the way you choose to live your life.

What manner of man that will disrespect the Divine gift presented to you by the Divine Essence, God, the gift of life, yet the Essence of life give to you the choice of how you will live that life, which have living to be a consequence of life and not life of living.

Because, all consequence has its end, but life is eternally infinite motion, seeking not to impress anything that live it, and yet we mortal Beings have the audacity to believe that life can be killed when it is the living of life you cause to be no more, unjustly, by the use of self absorbed action, which have you believing that you can become not as the Divine Essence, God, but equal too and beyond the Divine Essence, God, such a belie is taught and practiced by the fool wearing the mind of stupidity, a state of mind that can not be fixed, just need to be gotten away from such an environment of evil fantasy.

Life, when the living of it is not respected and protected, such a neglect by those who live life, is not of the Divine Essence , but is of Lucifer the Human Being with a Devilish and satanic spirit, and you can identify such a spirit in Black people by the way we always want, believe, and emulate the creepy ass crackka, he who planted the seeds of Racism and Unjustified prejudice which was/is to be acted out against Black people, you who have an insatiable appetite to be a copy cat of and to emulate Lucifer the Human Being, he being the Devil and Satan representing the Trinity of Evil, he whom Black people love and respect today without condition, a display of the highest of disordered ignorance, which we Black people wear as our mental garment today, which prevent Black people from being mentally qualified to distinguish between that which is Divinely True and that which is profane lying.

Beloved, Divine Knowledge does not chase after profane belief!!!

Reparation Demand the action that cause Black Afrikan Nationalism, while Civil Rights was a time for Pan Afrikanism, which time has been fulfilled, and now Black Afrikan Nationalism is what reveal the sincerity of the Mind that Black people in and out of Afrika carry, and I know this is not what Black folks with the Devil mind want to hear, but is most certainly what the Divine Mind of Black people certainly know, that is if Afrika is to be again for the Black Afrikan, and Black people are to return to the use of our Divine mind, which will have us to know the need for a Unified Black Nation, in Afrika, And You Can accept this Divine Truth or You can leave it alone, and continue to ignore such a quality of Truth, which maintain the present status of Black people living condition in the world today.


Chief Elder
All Rights Reserved@2013



    Where should Christians look for God's authoritative truth? Should it be the Bible? Should it be the church of your choice or the church you belong to by chance?

    The Bible was completed in 95 A.D. when the apostle John wrote Revelation. Who wrote the Bible? Was it God or was it the church?

    John 14:24-26 He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father's who sent me. (THE WORDS JESUS SPOKE WERE FROM GOD THE FATHER) 25 "These things I have spoken to you while abiding with you. 26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all the I said to you.

    The words of Jesus were from God the Father and He said that The Father would send the apostles the Holy Spirit so they could remember all that He said. The words of the apostles were God's word, their words were Scripture, their words were the Bible.

    In, John 14:24-26, Jesus was not talking to the Pope, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Billy Graham, Joesph Smith Jr, Mary Baker Eddy, cardinals, bishops, elders, so-called modern day apostles, preachers, pastors, nor any one claiming to speak for God. If the church or theses men as individuals, were speaking for God by new revelation, then, we would have added books to the Bible. There would the books of the Popes, the book of John Calvin, the book of Billy Graham, the books of elders, the books of churches, the book of Joesph Smith Jr. etc.


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