Varg Vikernes on Jewish people

We for sure saw this happen with the Black Metal sub-culture, which started as a nationalistic (Norwegian-centric), racist and anti-Christian revolt and ended up as just another perverse, twisted Jew-cult, embracing everything sick and anti-European on this planet, from porn and promiscuity to drugs and homosexuality. It began as an absolute revolt and ended up as absolute tastelessness. The Jew-dominated music industry took the most perverse bands and promoted them heavily, to ensure that it would not turn into anything healthy and positive. - "How to revolt in practice II"

I can't agree that the origin of the enemy here is Jews; clearly the enemy is liberalism brought on by overpopulation of European proles. It makes no sense to blame Jewish people for what is obviously a European malfunction that took to the air in France in 1789. Until we identify the right problem, it will rule us. I would also substitute "promiscuity" for homosexuality, or perhaps use both. For "racist," I would substitute "nationalist," because a nationalist preserves his/her tribe while "racists" tend to be race-obsessives.

Otherwise, I'm not sure what's broken here.

Further I think he should stop calling Eurasians "European." I do not dislike Asians, but if we hybridize with them, we will no longer be us.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Jews are foreign to Europe and will always be alien. It should be known that foreign influences will always hollow out their hosts, this is just the nature of things. History has also shown countless of that jews tend to be more parasitic than most others.

    Xenophobia is needed for a healthy society, or it will inevitably collapse.


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