Equal opportunity...not thinking that anymore

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In advance I am sorry but I just had to vent this.

I work for a VERY large IT company, in the top 5 in the world, bigger than Microsoft. I wont name them though.

This company is famous for its Equality between genders, its one of the reasons I enjoy working there. All people in the same job get the same money pretty much, good until I learnt about how woman actually earn more but thats another thing.

I feel very proud of the company I work for, the day I got Hired was up there as one of the happiest moments of my life not exaggerating. I wanted to work for them for many years before given the opportunity.

So time for the epic rant.... There is a new project about to start up. It is a huge project, would easily cost 100 Million Dollars and run over a 4 year time frame. This project is crucial. The potential earnings to the company if it succeeds will be revolutionary in IT Solutions for many large retail businesses around the world. I have been informed that the applicants were dwindled down to 5 of the many applicants. 3 experienced Project managers (male), one of whom has been the Project manager of at least 8 Highly successful Projects that I am aware of. We are not talking about making iTunes or something like that. These were staggering projects that were underfunded for the most part, and also had unrealistic time constraints. The other two were very fresh University Graduates with no Project experience let alone managing a project.

The person who got the job, was one of the fresh University Graduates without any experience....why? Because she was Female. The Hiring manager apparently needed to Diversify up the Project Managers (already about 1/3 are female) because there isn't enough gender equality. So the best person for the job didn't get it because of his dick. As a result the project is likely to fail, on top of that one of the other managers (known to me) when hearing about this said they hired the wrong person and that affirmative action is going to cost the company millions, is now having to go to meetings about his "inappropriate attitude".

This actually makes me sick. Because I know that I am going to suffer as a result of this shitty decision, the company I work for is going to definitely suffer as a result of losing such a valuable potential asset. Because in an industry where there is a greater number of males than females, because there are few women studying IT, it is unimaginable having few females than males across all sections.

Equal Opportunity workplace....not thinking that anymore. - A Voice For Men forums
So many modern things are "not as advertised" and in fact are the opposite. But I have to wonder: what made someone think that anything named "equal opportunity" is actually that? If the opportunity isn't equal by nature, that means human intervention. Human intervention always occurs for the party perceived to be weaker, not stronger. Thus while you hear "equal" and think "I get the same shot as everyone else," the truth is that "favored groups" get discriminated against in order to create that "opportunity" for others.


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