Why Examiner.com is declining in quality and losing readers

One of our writers goes off on the article farm that he's been writing for. Amusing in that it's true but pointless.
It's stuff like this, Examiner:
You're a Twilight fanboi site that promotes pseudo-pornographic garbage that's totally irrelevant to the readership of a page. I don't want my readers subjected to Nadya Sulemom's sagging anatomy, nor another article on Twilight, although that's what Examiner is famous for. You reward quantity, not quality, and then wonder why you get no respect. Any traffic bumps you're getting right now are an illusion -- like MySpace, you're transferring audience to the bottom of the internet traffic pool. That in turn penalizes your writers, who are hoping to use this as an upwardly mobile experience. In the meantime, please get the Twilight/Octomom porn off any page I write on. It's demeaning to my readers. - Examiner Community
This is why I write for blogs, not for article banks or other communities. The independent press is the best because we're not for profit and thus we don't count heads, thus we don't care if we don't have 500,000 people every day who want to read about Twilight or Nadya "Octomom" Suleiman. We wish Examiner.com a speedy path to the pits of hell and failure where it belongs, along with all other for-profit "journalism" by "citizen journalists" who are basically unemployed drama queens with Oxycontin habits.