Don't hate the egg, hate the player

The press is abuzz over some stupid study that claims that eggs are as bad for you as smoking. This study is easily proven wrong but even more our whole approach to health care is wrong. First everything in life is bad for you. If you keep it in balance you will be fine. Cigarettes don't give you cancer. Being fat, out of shape, poisonous in your emotions and having nothing you really enjoy in life, and also smoking on top of that, gives you cancer. Even more genes play the biggest role. Who mostly gets cancer? Obese poor people from minority groups. They live in toxic parts of cities, eat cheap boxed food, are fat and out of shape, and smoke horrible cigarettes like Newports. Our society has wronged these people and it wants to blame all cigarettes for what's basically a coordinated but semi-inadvertent effort to kill off the impoverished. Nutrition is misunderstood, we should correct that. Here is some enlightening truth about eggs and vegetarianism:
Unfortunately, the vast majority of popular books on nutrition insist that humans can obtain vitamin A from fruits and vegetables. Even worse, FDA regulations allow food processors to label carotenes as vitamin A. The label for a can of tomatoes says that tomatoes contain vitamin A, even though the only source of true vitamin A in the tomatoes is the microscopic insect parts. The food industry, and the lowfat school of nutrition that the industry has spawned, benefit greatly from the fact that the public has only vague notions about vitamin A. In fact, most of the foods that provide large amounts of vitamin A—butter, egg yolks, liver, organ meats and shellfish—have been subject to intense demonization. ... It is very unwise, therefore, to depend on plant sources for vitamin A. This vital nutrient is needed for the growth and repair of body tissues; it helps protect mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs; it prompts the secretion of gastric juices necessary for proper digestion of protein; it helps to build strong bones and teeth and rich blood; it is essential for good eyesight; it aids in the production of RNA; and contributes to the health of the immune system. Vitamin-A deficiency in pregnant mothers results in offspring with eye defects, displaced kidneys, harelip, cleft palate and abnormalities of the heart and larger blood vessels. Vitamin A stores are rapidly depleted during exercise, fever and periods of stress. Even people who can efficiently convert carotenes to vitamin A cannot quickly and adequately replenish vitamin A stores from plant foods. - Weston A. Price
Go ahead have that steak and a cigarette, then go run a few miles, love your kids, have fun, stop being so bitter and hateful like most vegans are.