Nazi group opens membership to all races

I just report it:


From: Craig Smith
To: all LNSG supporters

Many people have criticized us on the basis of the LNSG being a "postmodern" National Socialist party.

We are postmodern only in the sense that we recognize a decentralized order. That was the postmodern contribution: that no single inherent and absolute order existed, but many interpretations.

As National Socialists, we accept that with a caveat. We recognize that humans may construct as many interpretations as they wish, but we live in the same world and there are natural consequences to acting on wrong or partially wrong interpretations.

Our form of decentralization is that we are not a race-advocacy party. Rather, we advocate for nationalism (and National Socialism) for every ethnic, religious, racial, cultural and geographic group on earth. Our goal is to establish nationalism so that every group may take advantage of it.

In our mindset, white power groups, black power groups, Zionists, Japanese National Socialists, Basque separatists, Southern Secessionists and Maori nationalists are fighting the same struggle: to re-legitimize nationalism and show how it is the only world order that provides lasting stability and sanity to politics.

Any who can understand this message and work toward its implementation are allies of ours and welcome with open arms in our camp.

Thank you for reading. - LNSG

Then again, I guess it makes sense.

If you let Jews have nationalism (Zionism), then every other group is going to want it too.

Soon that means that nationalism is the norm, and even Europeans get it.